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  • EvergreenFir


    • Bacon ()
    • Baron Num Nums High Flyin' Beans
    • Beans ()
    • Boyz Crazy treat ()
    • Election Seed ( )
    • Bread, loaf of ( )
    • Bread crumbs ( )
    • Burgers ( )
    • Burger with pudding filling ( )
    • Burrito ()
    • Chicken meal ( )
    • Corndogs ()
      • Mystery Dogs ()
    • Eggs ()
      • Coffee omelet ()
      • Stan's face omelette ()
      • Sunnyside up ()
    • Empanada ()
    • Fish ()
    • Fish food ()
    • Fish sticks ()
    • French fries ( )
      • Chili fries covered in magic ( )
    • Hotdogs ( )
    • Junior Yum Yum Kiddo Meal
    • Lee's cereal ()
    • Lobster ( )
    • Meat ()
      • Ham ()
      • Meat Cute meat
      • Mutton ()
    • Mini quiches (mentioned only in "Sock Opera")
    • Mobius chicken strips ()
    • Nachos ( )
    • Overly Sensitive Owl cereal
    • The Brown Meat
    • Pancakes ( )
      • Stan-cakes ()
    • Pizza ( )
      • Pizza with glitter on it ()
      • Cake flavored pizza ()
      • Infinite pizza slice
    • Pretzel ()
    • Roast bat ( )
    • Sandwich ( )
      • Sub sand…

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  • EvergreenFir

    So we all know that Mabel ate a tube of toothpaste. And hopefully we all know that's a terrible idea. But just how bad of an idea was it? How much toothpaste would it take to kill Mabel? Using math, we can get an estimate.

    First, we need to know the LD50 of the most toxic substance in toothpaste: sodium fluoride (NaF in chemical symbols). The LD50 means "lethal dose 50%" and refers to the amount of a substance it takes to kill 50% of test subjects (usually mice and rats). For sodium fluoride, the LD50 is between 31 mg/kg1 and 200 mg/kg2. In other words, it would take between 3100 mg (3.1 grams) and 20000 mg (20 grams) to reach the LD50 for someone who weighed 100 kg (220 lbs).

    Next we need to estimate Mabel's body mass. An average 12 y…

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  • EvergreenFir

    Story with video here. Maybe Alex will be allowed to add an LGBTQ character or two (he mentioned he would if he could on the AMA).

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  • EvergreenFir

    Signature Tutorial

    January 8, 2014 by EvergreenFir

    A lot of people don't know how to make custom signatures at all, so this tutorial will go through the ins and outs of not only how to make them. If you know the basics, you can just skip to the code examples. If you don't know what a signature is or how to sign things, please read Help:Signature.

    While making your signature, be sure you are familiar with the Signature policy!

    Feel free to test signatures in your sandbox or in the comments below.

    Okay, here are the simple steps to set up a custom signature:
    1. Create a subpage to your userpage to store your signature coding. To do this, click this redlink which will let you create your subpage. This page is where you will be putting all your signature coding that you learn from this tutorial.
    2. Creat…

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  • EvergreenFir

    Favorite Cartoons

    August 8, 2013 by EvergreenFir

    My personal list of best cartoons, mostly based on my perceptions of character development and universe development. I give extra weight to creativity, complexity of universe, and humor type.

    1. Daria - All around sublime character development and truthiness. Heaps of satire and sarcasm. Incredibly strong story arcs. Dealt with real issues in real ways. Does not sugarcoat anything.

    2. Gravity Falls - Sublimely creative universe and premise. First season's story arc solid, with much forethought put into the story. Relatable characters with solid personalities. Many episodes carefully toe the line between deep and bubbly.

    3. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Amazing universe creation, development, and maintenance. Unique and clever. Strong char…

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