Hi. I'm Enderfiretheanimusdragon. I rarely do blog posts, so this is probably my only one you'll see for a while.

I post to say PLEASE DON'T BE JERKS! Someone changed my picture to the middle finger. I can't figure out how to set my profile to Only I Can Edit It, and this has happened to me on other wikis before. If the person who changed the picture is reading this, I hope you feel terrible about it. If anyone else is reading this, IT'S NOT COOL TO EDIT OTHER PEOPLE'S PAGES, OKAY? I have to purge my entire profile now, in case they changed the wording. They actually deleted the photo I used from the wiki, then renamed their photo so that it was even harder for me to change it back. What did I ever do to you? I'm not a chatstalker, I don't hate on people, I don't think I did anything to make anyone mad. I've only been on this wiki a while. Is this some person's idea of a joke? I think they need a humor transplant if it's funny to mess with a new editor's page. Thankfully, I do know how to fix it, but that's not the point. Someone else probably doesn't. Someone else is probably freaking out that they can't change it.

I know this is a short post, but I think I've said all I can say. Please don't be jerks. Don't edit other people's pages. Admins are watching. I've already reported the change to one. If anyone knows who changed the picture, please tell me in the comments. I can't find it in the edit history.

Thank you,


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