Mazed and Confused is the spiritual successor to Ten Little Users.


Hey everybody, EnderEmerald46 here! So yeah, this is the season 2 of Ten Little Users, although it isn't exactly a direct sequel. This means three things:

  1. People who were in Ten Little Users can join- I'm not just gonna leave people out of the fun last time, however I am hoping some new faces will show up this time.
  2. There isn't going to be a real killer- One of the main problems with TLU was that no one was able to guess who the killer was. I feel like if I try to hint at who the killer is without trying to give it away, it limits my writing. However, that doesn't mean the format won't be the same.
  3. People would be transformed instead of killed- This is mainly because I...I cannot come up with TWENTY more ways to die. Keep in mind, there were ten real deaths, and then ten red herrings. Even if I kept all ten red herrings, I'd still have to make ten more. So yeah, let's try something else.

The Story

Ten subjects enter a maze. These ten have been put in this maze without their consent, and only one will get out. The other nine? Well...we've "prepared" for them.

How to Sign Up

Now, this time the sign up is a BIT more complex. Here's everything you will need:

  • Name/Nickname
  • Gender
  • Favorite Number
  • Favorite Color
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • Favorite Show, Video Game, Onling Thing, whatever. Just details that I could use for the story.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Either a photo of yourself or a description of how you look. I recommend this:

For example, here's a sample entry:

  • Name: Emerald
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite Number: 46
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Describe yourself in three words: Weird, Scientific, Gamer
  • Favorite Show: RWBY
  • Favorite Video Game: Minecraft
  • What do you want to do when you grow up?: I wanna work at Google, something with computers
  • Photo of Self:

Everything will be explained in due time. Voting will be the same, and ten people will be used. HOWEVER, I am saving one spot for my friend TitanicMixGirl. So yeah, that's about it! Have at it!


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