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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Thanks everyone for reading my first chapter. I have came up with the new name "Old Man Stan" so just letting everyone know this is the new name for Wreck-It Stan.  This chapter is pretty short but I'll make another one later today (probably tonight or maybe tommorow). So lets continue!

    (All TV Show charcaters are traveling to TV Center Station)


    Stan: "walks off with Krabby Patty"

    (Giant red flash happens)

    Serge: Please step aside sir.

    Stan: Oh man! Whats your problem?

    Serge: I'm just a Serge Protecter doing my job, whats your name sir?

    Stan: Jimmy Neutron!

    Serge: NAME

    Stan: Stan Pines...

    Serge: And where did you come from?

    Stan: Ah, Spongebob Squarepants.

    Serge: And do you have any Kr…

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello everyone! This is my first RP and instead of doing OCs I'm gonna do OTVC.  Now if you've seen the movie Wreck-It Ralph, it is about a guy named Ralph, who game jumps because he feels neglected in his game.   So I decied to make a new version on it taking place inside the world of TV and focusing on Stan, who plays the Ralph role.   So without further adou, I give you Wreck-It Stan!

    Stan: Hi, my name's Stan Pines.  Lets see here, I'm 300 pounds.  6ft tall, and I'm kinda of cheap. I'm from the show "Gravity Falls" and I own the Mystery Shack.   Lets see I play the Grunkle of two kids, Dipper & Mabel.  Now don't give me wrong, being a Grunkle is "cool" and all but the kids don't respect me back. Their friends do the same.  It annoys me. …

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    There have been a TON of creepy and weird stuff in Gravity Falls so far but what do you think derserves the title of being most weirded out creppy thing in Gravity Falls?  Was it Electron Carpet, The Bottomless Pit, Summerween Trickster, Wax figures that come alive, Gremlinoblin, or The Gobbblewonker?

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion
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