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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello everyone! I know its been a while because I have been trying to think of a good way to continue the story.  In this chapter, Stan goes to a new show....

    Stan: Oh look! "Stan looked through a mirror" A shinny medal!

    Stan: "Breaks through the wall" Lets see here, ah, medal ,medal ,medal ,medal. Oh wait! There's the medal!

    Stan: Ew, what are these. Eggs? "reads label" DO NOT BREAK THIS EGGS! CONTAINS SPI-BUGS

    Stan: Alright imaginary voice in my head! "Dodges over all the eggs" Lets see here, ah, "steps on a egg" Oh, forget  that!

    Stan: "Grabs Medal" SO PRETTY!


    (Holograms clap as fireworks explode)

    Stan: Thanks all you fizzy p…

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello everyone! Before I continue (sorry for the delay) I would like to answer some FAQ:

    Q: How do characters move to show to show?

    A: There is a TV remote  in every show that allows them to change channels, to get to TV Center Station, a character would have to press 00. Though, this will not be mainly featured in the story, just to show their transportation.

    Q: What is Moe's?

    A: Moe's is the name of a bar in The Simpsons, in Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph goes to a bar called Tappers, so I made Moe's the "Tappers" of the story

    Q: Is Star Gallant a real show?

    A: No, Star Gallant is made up, it serves as "The Hero's Duty" of the story, later on, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will serve as "The Sugar Rush" of the story.

    So lets begin!

    Serge Speaker: A…

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello guys! I know its late when I posted this but please enjoy this chapter :) Its kinda of short but I guarrante you will LOVE it!

    Stan: I've never been serious about this in my life, thats why I came straight here, Moe, you've never given me bad info now where could a guy like me get respected?

    Moe: I'm not sure a show exist, Stan.

    Stan: Come on Moe you've been here for 30 years you know people!

    Homer: Hey Moe, need a drink over here!

    Moe: Coming! BRB

    (Moe gives Homer and his friends their drinks)

    Moe: As you were saying, pal!

    Stan: I was saying I can't be a neglected character in my show! I've only been here for a year!

    Moe: Well I don't know what to tell you, your welcome to dig through the Lost and Found!

    Stan: "Goes through the lost and found…

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello guys! First off, I'm very happy with the praise for the story! I always have fun writing them.  Second off, I am so sorry for the delay but Tuckyd's poem contest got in the way. Thrid, LETS CONTINUE THE AWESOMENESS!!!

    (Inside Gravity Falls's The Mystery Shack, a huge party is happening and the song Celebration is playing)

    Stan: "Walks into show" What?

    (Stan see's fireworks that say HAPPY 1ST YEAR MABEL & DIPPER!)

    Stan: What the heck, "tightens glasses" 1st year Dipper and Mabel.

    Stan: Wait "tightens it some more" SPONGEBOB! They invited SPONGEBOB!

    Stan: That flabby jabby holed sponge isn't even part of this show!

    (Inside The Mystery Shack)

    Gumball: Great party guys!

    Dipper: Why thank you, friend!

    Wendy: Hey Dipper and Mabel, you guys are neede…

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    This is my poem for Tuckyd's Poem Contest:

    (VERSE 1)

    We were lost

    The show was on a hiatus

    So we waited and waited

    Till we finally got awaited

    A new episode had finally air

    Thanks to Alex for making things fare

    The new Boss was just one small girl

    A girl who took bossing with a twirl

    So Boss Mabel had finally come!

    And now I feel so dumb

    (VERSE 2)

    2 weeks had past

    And finally at last

    The Bottomless Pit had arrived

    They told stories that sounded so cool

    2 weeks later we would see a pool

    It wasn't no ordinary pool, it was the Gravity Falls Pool!

    After the swim we were questioned with grim, what will the next one be?

    So a Freaky Freakend came around with glee

    A Electron Carpet would change the way are characters would ever be

    VERSE 3

    Gravity Falls was on a winning …

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