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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    AKA Dipper Stark

    AKA Mabel Romanoff

    AKA Pendy Potts

    AKA Soos Banner

    AKA The God Of Thunder (and video games!)

    AKA Stan Fury

    AKA Rob Barton

    AKA Steve Trembley

    AKA Tamia Hill

    AKA The God of Mischief (and telepathy!)

    AKA Timeos

    AKA Gidtron

    AKA Mervision

    (Guess Dipper and Mabel could also be Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch)

    If you like this, please leave a comment!  If it becomes popular, maybe, if a lot of people are on, we can do a epic RP based off of this. Thanks and if there is any other characters (GF and Marvel) I should add, please tell me!

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello everyone! Its been about time a new chapter has came along!  Well, I waited awhile, since its part 10, but anyways, lets continue with this special chapter!

    Star Bella: I hear something...

    (Someone can be heared walking)

    Star Bella: Its coming, maybe its a Spi-Bug.

    (Dipper walks up)

    Dipper: Ah, hello...

    Star Bella: BLAST IT!!!

    (Star Bella, Dexstar, and other soliders start shooting)

    Dipper: Hey! Watch it mam!

    Star Bella: Hmm, a kid.

    Dipper: Hey, I'm 12!

    Star Bella: Shut up, I don't care.

    Dipper: Well, mam, I came here looking for my great uncle, Stan.

    Star Bella: Never seen him, I think you got the wrong show.

    Dipper: But Tommy Pickles said that he saw Stan come in.  He was dressed as Star Gallant.

    Star Bella: Wait wha...

    (Dexstar looks up)

    Dexstar: …

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello! Another chapter of Old Man Stan has been made! In this chapter there are new characters, so I would like to go over their role and compare the role to their Wreck-It Ralph counterpart:

    Queen Sweetens (made up OC): King Candy

    Spike: Sour Bill

    Buttercake (made up OC): Vanellope

    Pinkie Pie: Taffyta

    Derpy Hooves: Candlehead

    Shinning Armor: Wynchel

    Caramel: Duncan

    Noteworthy: Rancis Flutterbutter

    And for reminder:

    Stan Pines: Ralph

    Dipper Pines: Felix

    Star Bella: Sgt. Calhoun

    Gideon: Gene (Nicelander)

    Mabel Pines: Mary (Nicelander)

    Star Gallant: Markowski

    THIS IS THE CAST SO FAR... (and yes I know about the Old-Anon cameos and I will state those at the end of the whole story) So let's begin!

    (Giant billboard with CONTEST! appares while fans chant)

    Spike: A…

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello everyone again! Its been a while (long while) since the last chapter, so I decied its time to go back into the wonderful world inside our TVs.  So, lets continue!

    Stan: Oh look! There's my medel! Its up there, here I go! (Stan jumps onto candy branch)

    Buttercake: Hi there!

    Stan: Whoa! Oh, its just one of you ponies, you look, ah, sparkly

    Buttercake: Whats your name?

    Stan: Ah Stan...

    Buttercake: Well nice to meet you, "Ah Stan"

    Stan: Its Stan Pines and that's not funny!

    Buttercake: "Mimics" That's not funny!

    Stan: Stop doing that!

    Buttercake: "Mimics" Stop doing that!

    Stan: Hey, stop coping me!

    Buttercake: "Mimics" Hey, stop coping me!

    Stan: Please just stop!!!! (shouts)

    Buttercake: Fine....old people, with their bad hearing...and being non-fun


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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello everyone!  This chapter is kinda short, like the other one.  This part also doesn't feature Stan and the new setting, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  This one just describes who is trying to search for Stan, back in Star Gallant.

    Star Bella: Its quiet, too quiet...

    Dexstar: Should we investigate the area?

    Star Bella: Yes, Dexstar go in front of the enterance.  I'll be on a look out, since that escape pod escaped.

    Dexstar: And look!  "Dexstar picks up a hat" It looks weird, but this means someone was inside it!

    Star Bella: Someone's trying to hijack our show! Wait until I get my hands on that idiot!

    (Back in Gravity Falls)

    Grenda: What are we gonna do, Dipper! Stan's missing and we have a episode tommorow that features Stan!

    Mabel: Mayb…

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