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  • My occupation is Gamer, chat mod for many wikis, admin on multiple wikis, founder of some wikis.
  • I am Groot, but also a Minion!
  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello, today, August 11th, we lost a true comedic genius, Robin Williams.  He took his life by suicide, sadly.  Please take sometime to remember him when you get the chance. Thank you, Don.

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hello, since today (August 1st) marks the day two major things come out...I decided to merge them!  In case you already didn't know, its Guardians of the Galaxy and GRAVITY FALLS SEASON 2! So, without furthur ado, meet the....

    • Dipper-Lord: abducted from Earth when he was 2, now ten years later, he travels around space trying to find clues and treasures. 
    • Mabora: ex-girlfriend of the evil ruler, Gidinos, she is a green (and purple) skinned and is out to get redemption for her past crimes...including eating a huge amount of Smile Dip. 
    • Soort: a big, tree-like, creature who can only say "I am Soort". He is Rocket Waddles partner.
    • Rocket Waddles: a genically enginered pig who carries a full assult of weapons with him.  He is Soort's partner.
    • Strax: …

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hey guys, I know I've been on very often lately, but I'm gonna have to take a little break from that due to final exams coming up.  This is very important for me and I need to devote a lot of time into studying, so I won't be able to come onto chat too often for the next couple of weeks.  I will be able to come on during most of the weekend, but I won't be on often during weekdays.  I will try to check in though to make sure everything is going alright, but I won't be on too often until after my exams (which starts next week).  I trust my fellow mod pals will of course take care of chat greatly while I'm gone.  Anyways, hope to see you guys soon!


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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Hey everyone, well, its day two without chat and its getting BOOOOOOOORING!

    Thanks to TM, there is a current replacement.  I have created a Chatzy room while this chat is out.  Please come on if you wanna chat. Thanks!

    Link to room --->

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  • DonyarktheKungFuMinion

    Its time ladies and gentelmen, time for continuing Old Man Stan after a lot of time off.  I don't know why I took so long to continue this, I mean, I'm on here everyday, must be laziness or writer's block (as I have to constantly reference earlier parts of the story or Wreck-It Ralph itself).  So, time to go back to Equestria for the epic continuation! 

    Dipper: Ah.....Star Bella, I have to say, other then Wendy, you are the most flamming girl I have ever seen.

    Star Bella: Gasp! (Has a flashback involving her and her old friend, who she was dating until the guy got killed by a Spi-Bug) AHHHH!

    Dipper: Is everything ok, mam? 

    Star Bella: Leave me!

    Dipper: Why? All I said you are a flamming girl?

    Star Bella: I SAID LEAVE ME!

    Dipper: Okay......(jumps …

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