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This is the search for Mabel Part 2 which wouldn't make sense if there was more the search for Mabel part 1 so maybe if you haven't read that you can do it now! (Thank you)


[Gabby] Dipper, this is my brother Kevin but I have no idea how he got here

[Dipper] this doesn’t make any sense

[Kevin] well I have decided to make a friend here

[Gideon] yes

[Soos] uh…Dipper, what about Mabel

[Dipper] oh yeah, where is Mabel, Gideon

[Gideon] WHAT?! My dearest Mabel is gone

[Kevin] what happened to her?

[Gabby] you mean you don’t know where she is?

[Kevin and Gideon] Nope

[Dipper] come on lets go interrogate someone else

[Gideon] Wait

[Kat] what do you want?

[Gideon] okay I may have been evil before but now I am good please forgive me Kevin has helped me he has lead me good Please I want to help you find Mabel

[Gabby] um…I don’t know what do you think Dipper

[Dipper] Ugh fine you can join us

[Gideon] I hope you can forgive me about before

[Soos] well what are we waiting for dudes lets go find Hambone

[Everyone] YEAH!

[They go to the forest]

[Gabby] what are we doing here?

[Dipper] we are here to summon the Manotaurs

[Kat] Manotaurs?

[Dipper] anyone have beef jerky?

[Kat slowly raises her hand]

[Gabby] why do you carry beef jerky with you?


[The Manotaurs appear]

[Chutzpar] Manotaurs look its Dipper the destructor

[Testosteraur] yes the child who would not kill the multi bear

[Dipper] well we need help

[Chutzpar] what’s wrong destructor?

[Gabby] his sister is missing have you seen her?

[Testosteraur] nope…who is she

[Dipper] my sister… she looks like me but with long brown hair, fuzzy sweaters and things like that

[Chutzpar] sorry destructor I have not seen her

[All the Manotaurs] nope

[Dipper] well then we got to keep looking

[Gabby] don’t worry Kat and I wont give up looking for her

[Gideon] yes, Mabel is my cupcake I can’t stand to see her gone

[Soos] we should go to that arcade

[Dipper] Rumble! Rumble can help us!

[Gabby] who’s… never mind we will find out

[Soos drives them to the arcade]

[Dipper] he we are Fight Fighters my favorite game

[Gabby] um…it’s a game

[Dipper] wait Rumble McSkirmish is not in the game

[Rumble appears behind everyone]

[Rumble] Rumble McSkirmish is here to fight!

[Everyone turns around]

[Dipper] What? How did you get out of the game?

[Rumble] someone summoned me!

[Kat] well anyways have you seen Dippers sister?

[Rumble] No I have not! But Rumble can help you find her!

[Dipper] Awesome!

[Gabby] cool! A video game character is now our bodyguard

[Rumble] Yes child! I shall help you PUNCH, PUNCH, PUNCH

[Rumble punches a change machine]

[Dipper] okay since neither Rumble nor Gideon kidnapped Mabel it must’ve been OH Robbie!

[They all go to Robbie’s house it was playing heavy metal music]

[Gabby] ugh this is terrible music I cant stand it!

[Kat] I know right

[Gabby] lets show him what real music sounds like

[Kat] Yeah!

[Gabby and Kat kick the door down…again]

[Robbie] My door! You have to pay for that

[Kat] We challenge you to a music competition

[Dipper] I don’t think it’s a good idea

[Gabby] it’ll be fine we are masters at music

[Kat] oh yeah!

[Robbie] get ready to get your butts kicked

[Gabby] oh it’s on!

[Robbie’s band plays an unknown type of heavy metal song]

[Judge1] that was a terrible thing unpleasant to my ears



[Robbie and his band leave the stage sadly]

[Kat and Gabby make a duet of we are never getting back together by: Taylor swift]

[Judge1] wow you two are great you got my vote

[Judge2] GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! You have some amazing talent

[Judge3] Well you win!

[Kat and Gabby] YES!

[Robbie] this is not right twelve year old girls beat me

[Gabby] yeah we totally kicked your butt!

[Kat] Yeah! Ha!

[Dipper] anyways, Robbie have you seen my sister?

[Robbie] no I have not seen your stupid sister

[Gideon] okay then lets go somewhere else then

[Kevin] yeah he means nothing to us

[Soos] I'm going to get the truck Soos AWAY!

[Dipper sits down on a bench]

[Dipper] this is hopeless we wont find my sister

[Gabby] don’t give up just yet does she have any enemies?

[Dipper] of course, Pacifica!

[Soos comes back with the car and they go to Pacifica’s house]

[Kat] ready to kick the door down again

[Gabby] oh yeah

[Dipper] okay please stop with kicking down the doors

[Gabby] too late

[They kick the door down]

[Pacifica] ugh! Who did this!

[Kat] We did

[Pacifica] oh lookey here more poor girls

[Gabby] Oh NO, NO, NO, you did not just say that!

[Kat] Gabby calm down

[Gabby] Fine I wont hurt her! Where is Mabel!

[Pacifica] oh, Mabel I haven’t seen her wait she is gone!

[Dipper] yes she is gone

[Pacifica] this is the greatest day of my life, knowing that she is gone no get out of my house!

[They leave Pacifica's house]

[Dipper] so this is it she is gone

[Soos] Dude, we will find her you’ll be okay, okay

[Dipper] okay

[They all go back to the Mystery Shack]

[Dipper] Gideon, you should go back home

[Gideon] no, I will stay here until we find Mabel

[Gabby] Kat can I talk to you in private

[Kat] sure

[Kat and Gabby go on the porch of the Mystery Shack]

[Gabby] I still am suspicious of Gideon

[Kat] okay what do you want me to do about it?

[Gabby] go to his house and check to see if Mabel is there

[Kat] alright ill be back in a second

[Kat super speeds to Gideon’s house and finds Mabel tied up in a closet]

[Mabel] um who are you?

[Kat] I'm going to take you back to the Mystery Shack come on

[Kat super speeds back to the Mystery Shack with Mabel]

[Gabby] I knew it!

[Mabel] yeah, Gideon kidnapped me

[Gabby, Kat, and Mabel enter the Mystery Shack]

[Dipper] Mabel! There you are! I missed you

[Kat] guess where I found her

[Dipper] where?

[Gideon] in my house

[Dipper] YOU KIDNAPPED HER?!?!?!

[Kevin] Yes we kidnapped her

[Gabby] but why?


[Mabel] but I don’t like you back!


[Dipper] Get out Gideon!

[Kevin] we will leave but be warned we will take our revenge!

[Gideon] you took the words right out of my mouth

[Kevin and Gideon leave]

[Gabby] thank goodness they’re gone

[Dipper] yeah

[Mabel] thank you both for saving me

[Dipper] we were looking for you everywhere

[Kat] yeah we even let them join our group

[Mabel] wow

[Dipper] but the important thing is that they don’t mess with us again

[Gabby] yeah!

[They all stayed in the Mystery Shack and lived happily ever after]


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