Alright if you ant to listen to a story listen up! It's for Tuck's and Brad's contest.

Me: So Friend #1 Where do you want to go for Summerween?

Friend #1: Well I did hear about this really spooky haunted house, why don't we go there?

Me: Oh yeah, for Summerween horror nights, okay for this Summerween, I'll be Dipper Pines I CALLED IT!

Friend #1: Fine then, i'll be Soos for Summerween. ( This is friend #1 :P )

  • We put on our epic costumes*

Me: You ready Friend #1?

Friend #1: Hold on, i'm just putting on the wiskers. *She puts on whiskers* Alright now I'm ready!

Me: Okay! Mystery hunters unite!!!!!!!

  • We go outside and we are the only ones there*

Friend #1: Where is everybody?

Me: Remember this is just a Gravity Falls holiday, so we need to make it real!

  • A shadow is staalking us*

Me: hm, this is strange, let me check my.... *Pulls out a weird looking Dipper's 3 book* BOOK!

Friend #1: Okay....

Me: *Derpy-like* Let's go to that old mansion! 

  • Lighting strikes the mansion*

Frend #1: err *Derpy-like* OKAY!!!!

  • The shadow goes to the mansion really fast and we don't see it*
  • Derpy-like music plays as we take a unicorn farting a rainbow to the mansion, and we have derpy eyes*

Me: Thanks random unicorn that took us to this mansion that don't suspect you evil at all!

Friend #1: Yeah, thanks!

  • The unicorn takes off leaving a trail of rainbows behind him*

Friend #1: That was a nice unicorn

Me: Yep!

  • Up in the mansion the shadow pets the unicron*

Me: *rings the doorbell, and holds out a bag of candy*

  • A trap door opens and Friend #1 and I fall*

Me: *scremas, then laughs*

Friend #1: *shows no expression*

  • We land in a pot of Candy*

Friend #1: Ooh, candy!!!! *starts eating* nom nom.

Me: Yay! *starts eating also*

  • We both become fat, but we escape the candy trap*

Me: Whoa, Friend #1! That's a big pillow you stuffed for you know, Soos being a bit chubby.

Friend #1: Oh, That pillow fell out a while ago.

Me: O.O

  • Back upstairs*

Shadow: Darn! They escaped the trap! Let's see if they can face my next challenge!

  • The shadow presses a button*
  • Friend #1 and I walk upstairs*

Friend #1: So why did we come here anyways?

Me: Wait, wait, wait. How did you lose all that weight so fast?

Friend #1: What? ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT!

Me: No, no!

Friend #1: hmm, anyways, back to my question.

Me: Well, we are GFF's and this is the forbiden house of GFF's This is a place where the Gravity Falls haters live.

Friend #1: And...


Friend #1: *derpy-like* GOOD POINT!

  • We run down a hall while there are GFF-taking dementors after us (BTW a GFF-taking demntor is a creature that makes you hate Gravity Falls)*
  • We skip down a hall*

Me: Whay are we so derpy?

Friend #1: IDK!

Me: *Accidentally kicks my shoe off and it hits a GFF-taking dementor in the face*

Friend #1: O.O RUN!!!!!

  • Three demntors are coming after us*

Friend #1: Split up!

Me: *runs down a secret corridor and one demntor follows me, while the other two follow Friend #1*

  • in the hallway Friend #1 is, she picks up a fire extingusher*

Friend #1: *puts on sunglasses* Asta lavista dementors 

  • Friend #1 Shoots the fire extingusher at the dementors, they shriek in pain, and they die*
  • the two corridors connect back to one hallway, and I meet Friend #1 again*

Me: Wow, I almost died back there!

Friend #1: How did you kill the dementor? 

Me: long story *flashback*

  • in flashback* Me: *runs in circles like an idiot*
  • in flashback* dementor: *laughs so hard he explodes*
  • in reality*

Me: That was fun

Friend #1: Someone is behind this.

Me: Well there is that anti-GFF that goes to our school.

Friend #1: Of course!

  • The shadow lurks close by*

Me: Why is she doing this to us?

Friend #1: idk!!!!

  • A cage falls on top of us*

Me: *sarcastic* Well, how lovely

Shadow: I knew you guys would go trick-or-treating today! Gravity Falls is all you two talk about!

Me: anti-GFF we meet again!

Anti-GFF: Yes! And I will keep you here so you don't make "Summerween" a holiday!

Friend #1: *notices that the bars of the cage are candy* 

Me: Wow really anti-GFF? The bars are candy!

  • Really derpy-like, we crash through the bars making an epic face*

Friend #1: WITCH BE GONE! *Slaps anti-GFF*

  • We eventually beat the crap out of Anti-GFF and now we transformed her into a GFF*

GFF: I... Fell different now, I...I..I feel like *Derpy-face* A MAN (note: this is a girl :P)

  • Friend #1 and I high-five, and we make epic faces*
  • the three of us crash through a window on the unicorn that farts rainbows*
  • We get off the unicorn all dizzy-like, and we throw up rainbows*

GFF: Is this normal?

Me: Yes, that is the power of *Makes epic face* GRAVITY FALLS!!!!!!!!

Now kids, the lesson here is....... IDK GOODNIGHT EVERYONE! *throws smoke bomb*

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