Dipper4561 Dipper4561 29 July 2014

Season 2 art!

Hey guys! Dipper4561 here!

well I'm not a huge person who makes blogs but I wanted to do something to help with my art block.

Season 2 is just around the corner, and I've been wanting to do some drawings for it, you know, just for fun. 

The only thing is, I don't have too much inspiration and/or any creative ideas flowing at all. 

So if you guys have any cool ideas flowing, go ahead and comment it! I may not be able to do ALL requests, but if I can, I will for sure draw it and credit your username on my deviantArt/Instagram when I post it. 

I appriciate all of your help! 

Dipper4561 00:45, July 29, 2014 (UTC)Dipper4561

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Dipper4561 Dipper4561 28 April 2013

Le poem of epicness

It all started that one fateful day

when their parents sent them away

In Gravity Falls they stayed.

Gnomes, Gobblewonkers, and wax figures they fought

and lessons to be taught.

Phychics tried to win a heart,

running away in a golf cart.

Strange things happen in this town,

with Pacifica, Mabel, and the Party Crown.

Video games came to life,

We found out Bud's wife.

Secrets yet to be revealed,

Most of them are still concealed.

Into the Hiatus we went

hard to live with this devastating event. 

Boss Mabel came around the bend,

at the Television we spend,

watching all day long.

Creating friends on chat,

at the computer we sat,

RP's went into combat,

and we all laugh at, 

the silly things we do.

As Gravity Falls goes to an end,

this wiki we will still trend,

with each o…

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Dipper4561 Dipper4561 7 March 2013

Summerween horror nights (I can't think of a pun, so yeah here it is)

Alright if you ant to listen to a story listen up! It's for Tuck's and Brad's contest.

Me: So Friend #1 Where do you want to go for Summerween?

Friend #1: Well I did hear about this really spooky haunted house, why don't we go there?

Me: Oh yeah, for Summerween horror nights, okay for this Summerween, I'll be Dipper Pines I CALLED IT!

Friend #1: Fine then, i'll be Soos for Summerween. ( This is friend #1 :P )

  • We put on our epic costumes*

Me: You ready Friend #1?

Friend #1: Hold on, i'm just putting on the wiskers. *She puts on whiskers* Alright now I'm ready!

Me: Okay! Mystery hunters unite!!!!!!!

  • We go outside and we are the only ones there*

Friend #1: Where is everybody?

Me: Remember this is just a Gravity Falls holiday, so we need to make it real! …

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Dipper4561 Dipper4561 30 November 2012

My list of Role-playing characters

  • 1 Gabby
  • 2 Liyla
  • 3 Bella
  • 4 Kevin
  • 5 Summer
  • 6 Timmy
  • 7 Tomas

A twelve-year-old girl who has lived in Gravity Falls long enough to know about the misterious things happening. Gabby is a demigod, daughter of the Roman god Apollo (god of sun, music, and prophecy). She likes to have fun, and hang out with Dipper.

Apperance: Gabby has long brown hair and brown eyes, she wears a gold shirt, brown pants, and she has a locket with a sun on it (given to her by her dad) and a misterious lyre tatto on her arm.

Quote: "Hey my name is Gabby and I really shouldn't belong here but I am here now." -Gabby talking to Dipper


Dipper: Crush

Mabel: Friend

Wendy: Friend

Soos: Friend

Stan: Acquaintance

Gideon: Enemy

Pacifica: Enemy

Robbie: Enemy

Liyla: Acquaintance

Bella: Best F…

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Dipper4561 Dipper4561 25 November 2012

The search for Mabel Part 2

check out Part 1: http://gravityfalls.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Dipper4561/The_search_for_Mabel_Part_1

This is the search for Mabel Part 2 which wouldn't make sense if there was more the search for Mabel part 1 so maybe if you haven't read that you can do it now! (Thank you)


[Gabby] Dipper, this is my brother Kevin but I have no idea how he got here

[Dipper] this doesn’t make any sense

[Kevin] well I have decided to make a friend here

[Gideon] yes

[Soos] uh…Dipper, what about Mabel

[Dipper] oh yeah, where is Mabel, Gideon

[Gideon] WHAT?! My dearest Mabel is gone

[Kevin] what happened to her?

[Gabby] you mean you don’t know where she is?

[Kevin and Gideon] Nope

[Dipper] come on lets go interrogate someone else

[Gideon] Wait

[Kat] what do you wa…

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