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Hello people,

been a long time since i've been on here.

Well i've kinda started going on DA a lot, as well as

This isn't one of my usual theories I post.

it's a rant.

No i'm not gonna go hating on anyone, whatever the case it's your opinion.

If you ship Mabel X Bill


If you wanna ship

Mabel X Pacifica


Mabel X Gideon, Mabel X Gabe, Mabel X Dipper even!





And I don't know if it happens here,

but on, and Deviantart  I believe,

Shippings of 'Mermando X Mabel' like myself and a good friend of mine,

have been getting hated upon, because the shipping is over, because Mabel was moving on with Gabe, and Mermando is GETTING married to a manatee.

GETTING people.

that was obviously a pre-wedding photo.

Moving on.

Now I don't believe it's over, I don't believe this is evidence against it, in fact if anything, I believe it's evidence toward it.


Well in Season 1, in the episode 'Boyz Crazy' Mabel stated 'Every boy she loved this summer has left her' she worded it....sorta like that anyway.

Yet in the episode 'Sock-opera' they felt the odd need to mention Mermando.

Thinking back, remember how Pacifica had to be sorta..'recapped' in the Golf War?

Because it had been so long since we had seen her.

Thinking back to 'The Love God' 

Robbie didn't have to be recapped,


Because they kept featuring him CONSTANTLY,

now they don't usually keep prominent characters featured minorly like this,

they didn't inbetween episodes for these characters during Season 1.

It seems obvious to me they are doing this for the purpose of keeping the character fresh in your mind.

And not only do they mention them in Sock-opera, but they go so far as to mention him AGAIN, in Society of the Blind Eye, something that not only seems pointless, but almost contradicts itself, if it's trying to ensure it's over.

Now Mermando states he's getting married,

people seem to see this as he was cheating on Mabel,

but he was forced into this by his parents! HE SAYS THIS HIMSELF.

He even says it's 'with a heavy heart' proving he's still in love with Mabel.

And again...

If they mentioned him for the sake of making sure we know it's over.

WHY would they mention in the Old Man McGucket shorts?

McGucket says 'Mabel being shipped off with a merman'

Now sure McGucket's crazy, and you could argue this is him having one of those crazy moments.



McGucket doesn't know of Mermando.


He mentions 'Dipper X Pacifica'

Now why would he mention a shipping that has basically been affirmed as canon for Dipper, if he had mentioned Wendipper it would make sense, but he didn't, he mentioned Dipcifica.

and a one-shot shippings for Mabel, much less one he's trying to make us forget about.

And let me just state again, that Mermando was GETTING married, he never said he was married, so in all honesty that shouldn't be written as his 'fate' on his page on here, cause that doesn't even make sense.

Another little piece of evidence is how they yet again make mention of Mermando in 'The Love God' in fact, they don't just mention him, but he is the primary image you see, and is even the one to convince Mabel to give the bottle away.

Another piece of evidence

The fact that Mabel is still crushing over guys.


How is that evidence you mask?

Well it's simple when you think about it,

Alex Hirsch said he ended Wendipper because he focused on it too much during Season 1, and he wanted to have more 'mysteries'

yet he's doing the same thing with Mabel in Season 2, with her crushes on boys.

I believe that like Wendipper, it's a character arc, one that will end when Mabel is reunited, with Mermando.

Now don't get me wrong, i'm not saying I know for a fact this is gonna be canon, or come back in anyway shape or form, but it's sure more likely than any of your crack shippings like Mabcifica, Pinecest, Mabill, or Dipmando. (Yes, no matter how much you deny it, they are crack.)

Now I apologize if I sounded 'rude' or anything, i'm not trying to start a war, i'm just very sick and tired of people treating Mermabel shippers like they're the devil.

That is all.