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  • I live in the Solar System
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is astronomer/writer
  • I am nonbinary
  • Bio Chrissie "Astro" Miille is a Fan Contributor for FANDOM and an admin on the Danny Phantom Wiki. When not watching Danny Phantom, Voltron, DuckTales, or Star Trek, she's usually neck-deep in another fandom, listening to Michael Jackson, writing, or stargazing.
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  • AstroPhantom

    A Year Already...

    September 27, 2016 by AstroPhantom

    I can't believe it, but it's already been over a year since I joined this wiki, this community, and I just want to say that this year wouldn't have been as amazing as it was were it not for you guys and this site. I got to experience a lot because of it (including, indirectly, going to Comic-Con), and I've made a bunch of amazing friends from it. And most importantly, I got to fall deeper in love with an incredible show that few others can rival.

    So, in honor of getting the "365-day streak" badge, I figured I would share some of my Gravity Falls fanfiction, which can be found here. Hopefully I'll get a chance to write a new one-shot for it soon to celebrate this milestone. :)

    Thank you guys. Much love. :D

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  • AstroPhantom

    Hey all! Just thought I shared my Gravity Falls experiences from San Diego Comic-Con quickly!

    So, Saturday was the first day of signings Alex was doing for the Journal. Apparently, I missed the deadline for getting a wristband for the signing, but I did purchase my own Journal 3! It was such a fun moment, and they even gave me a little card/sticker with Alex's autograph on it! (At first I thought it was just a promotional thing, but then I went back and asked if it was real, and it was!) So I put that sticker in the back of the book, on the page with the production info and the "Item #618."

    I then stuck around to see Alex arrive for the signing, even if I wasn't in line. But it was so cool to see him in person, and I'm pretty sure he and I h…

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  • AstroPhantom

    Hey party people (and Dipper)!

    So, I'm 99.9% sure it's okay to be making this blog post (if not, someone please let me know), but I just wanted to share with you all a review-type article I wrote about the entirety of Gravity Falls, which can be found here.

    I'd be happy to discuss any or all of it in the comments, if anyone wants! :)

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  • AstroPhantom

    So I've been meaning to post this theory for a while now (along with others), but here's what I've gotten from the "Take Back the Falls" flag for the finale.

    It's more than safe to assume that the symbols on the flag are representative of a bunch of the main characters. Here's who I think goes with what symbol:

    • Shooting star = Mabel
    • Hand = Ford
    • Pine trees = Dipper
    • Question mark = Soos
    • Axe = Wendy
    • Pick-axe = McGucket (my best guess, based on evidence from previous episodes)

    Now here's my question: where is Stan on the flag?

    We don't have the official episode description yet, but from the one that was posted for a bit, it seems like one of the Pines will be sacrificed, and based on the flag, I think it's going to be Stan.

    I'd love to hear any and all c…

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  • AstroPhantom

    Hey guys!

    So, first off, I wanted to share the link to a series of fanfiction one-shots I'll be writing this week for Mabel Pines Appreciation Week (originally started on Tumblr). Day 1 is already up, and Day 2 will be up hopefully by tomorrow morning (I'm already behind whoops). The link can be found here (I figure I shouldn't clutter up the wikia's blog by posting the fics here directly).

    Besides that, there's two theories I've been meaning to share:

    1) The llama on Bill's Wheel - Everyone speculates that Pacifica is the llama, but I personally am starting to think it might be Wendy. Why? Because Wax Larry King's head said that "llamas are nature's greatest warriors," and who has been acting like one heck of a warrior lately? Wendy. That be…

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