Wait, don't go, the title doesn't say it all. I am going to start off explaining the theory for all one of you that haven't heard the theory before. The theory states that Stan is going to die sometime in the course of the show, as foreshadowed by several depictions of him being destroyed. Okay, now that we're all on the same base, let me explain to you a theory more convoluted than the Stan's Twin Being the Author Theory (Sure, we know it's true now, but before we learned that, there was a great debate about whether or not it was true, and the Author part, for the most part, was a surprise to everyone). This theory has potential spoilers, so you have been warned, though nothing here is confirmed.

What we do know is Bill is going to convince someone to collect the dimensional rift for him. I believe this person to be Stan for convoluted reasons I stated here. For those of you who don't feel like clicking the link, there are 3 basic criteria that need to be met for Bill to have reason to deceive someone:

  1. They have to trust/not know Bill.
  2. They have to have access to the Mystery Shack.
  3. They have to want something in return from Bill.

I go on to explain how Stan doesn't know Bill, and that he just wants a thanks from his brother. Stan live in the Mystery Shack, so that point is also covered. Bill is very good at persuading people with great word choice, which is how he convinced Dipper to let him possess his body (though he still owes him that password). My guess is he is going to choose his words very wisely, and give Stan something that will somehow lead to his demise.

Now that I have that part of my theory covered, I am going to talk about Bud. In the Stanchurin Candidate, Bud states that Stan has made a powerful enemy, and we also see how scared Bud is of Gideon. We know Bud knows about the paranormal stuff that goes on in Gravity Falls, as he was part of the Blind-Eye Society (which is also part how Gideon got away with knowing as much about the paranormal as he does, but that's a tangent). I feel that Bud is going to wittingly sell Stan a faulty car (possibly made faulty with the help of Bill), which Stan will crash, as foreshadowed in the Tale of Two Stans, where Stan faked his death, with get this, a car accident. Do you know what car accidents normally are? Fiery, like how the destruction of the majority of all the depictions of Stan were.

I'm not done, the plot thickens even deeper. The accident is going to be Ford's fault. Yeah, Bud will wittingly sell a faulty car to Stan, but this will only make the accident more devastating. Ford has recently been ignoring his brother, and as I stated earlier, all Stan wants is a Thanks from his brother for saving him from the other dimension, which he refuses to do. I believe Stan will take the Dimensional Rift, and drive off with it in the car he bought from Bud. Ford will probably notice the rift missing, after some time, and try to chase after Stan. What Ford will drive, who knows? Maybe the Golf Cart? (Hey, this part, I believe, will be the season finally, we only have six or seven episodes left of the season, and stuff happens). Anyways, the chase will cause Stan to drive more recklessly than usual, and crash into a tree.

Okay, now I am going to bring in another thing that's been foreshadowed, the breaking of the sibling bond between Dipper and Mabel. If you thought what I just said was crazy, which it probably was crazy (as I said, this isn't confirmed), but Ford being responsible for the death of Stan is going to be the thing that completely breaks the bond between these two. Mabel will probably stop trusting Dipper, as Dipper is often compared to Ford (though before Ford was introduced, Dipper has been compared to Stan, which is NOT a tangent, I'll get to that). Season 3 will probably start towards the beginning of August, and the apocalypse will probably be postponed to later with Stan's death (Interestingly, Stan is also between Dipper and Mabel in the picture Gideon destroys in Gideon rises, possibly foreshadowing Stan's death as the thing that breaks the bond between Dipper and Mabel).

As I said, Dipper being compared to Stan is NOT a tangent, this is where I'll cover that. As you all probably know, in Into the Bunker, the Shapeshifter predicted Dipper's "Final Form." I am predicting in the series finale, Dipper will die, as he has been compared to Stan in the past. I am predicting Dipper's death will be more of a sacrifice for the greater good than an accident though, just because of the kind of character Dipper is.

What? You thought I was done talking about Stan's death? Remember how I said it will probably be Bill that helps Bud makes the car faulty. I believe it will be Bill's intention to kill Ford, not Stan. Bill had tried to stop Dipper from learning too much in Sock Opera, and we know that Ford knows everything that Bill had tried to stop Dipper from learning. Ford will need to leave the Mystery Shack sometime, and releasing the nightmare realm may not be Bill's only intention for obtaining the rift.

As I said, everything here is mostly just speculation. Tell me what you think. Do you agree with me? Did you read the title, and just say no? Did you try to read it, but it was just too much?

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