First name: Alison

Last name: Blue

Brother: Chad Blue

Age: 18

Birthday: July 3rd but she usually has her party on July 4th <3

Likes: guitars, dogs, friends, blue, and red

Favorite Color: Red

Dislikes: cats, pink, annoying people

Hobbies: acting and playing guitar

Friends: PK ,Jenny, Carter, Violet, Jake, Tyler, Trey, Jasmine, Gabby, Kat, (SO MUCH!) Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Soos, Jason, Crystal, and LOTS MORE! (sorry if i didn't put your oc. there is so much!)

Enemies: Gideon and Pacifica and A4 (dont ask)

Race: Bionic

Fears: "Oh well i fear.....nothing"

Dating/Married: "Uh... Complicated?"

Skin color: peach

Eyes: purple                

Hair: red

Pants: jeans     

Top: Black Hoodie

Neclace: A snowflake (that has powers in it that can change weather)

Abilities: Everything

Personality: She is like a crazy minded girl, who loves to go on adventures with her friends too. If something dangerous pops up she will always help the problem. (that's really it because IDK xD)

STORY: Her parents were married and they loved each other until her dad found out her Mom and her sister were being rude to her. Her sister was always treating her like trash and so did her mom. The only one who really loved her was her dad. She heard she had a brother her age when she was little but he died. Her parents got mad at each other and got a devorce (or how ever you spell it) and since she was being bullied, they moved to Gravity Falls, Oregon. When she was around 10 or 11 her dad died, before that he gave her a guitar, she kept it and hid it in her closet, and she was lonely but then she met some people and she knew they were her friends :3 Soon enough a guy called her name, she didn't know who he was. He introduced himself, Chad. She didn't believe she had a brother so she started laughing. He confirmed it was true. She asked,"I thought u were dead?". Apperently he didn't die, he faked it.

Thanks for spending your time reading about: Alison Blue! 

ALISON OUT! *jumps out window hugging a Ciel doll*

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