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  • Afton24

    My Theories: The Llama

    January 1, 2015 by Afton24

    By this point you should have heard of Bill's Wheel and have probably have read/seen something about the "Lebam" Theory. (If you haven't just YouTube "gravity falls lebam theory") But I'm here to thow out another sugestion.......

    Fiddleford H. McGucket!

    Why? Well to put it simply, we know that McGucket is not the author but he is still an important character. Also many of McGucket's habits resemble the llama's. He is quite stubborn and unruly.........not to mention the whole spitting thing and eating anything he can get his hands on. But on the other hand when motivated he is very productive and creates astounding things.

    What do you think? I love feed back!

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  • Afton24

    If you haven't seen the SDCC trailer for season 2, stop now and go watch it. This will only make sense if you do.

    I'm mostly going to talk about Bill and the Blindeye (since everything else is obvious).

    First clip: Dipper on a roof with a case. The case could possibly be the laptop they recovered but I doubt it. Bill's eye become the moon.

    Second clip: Dipper and Mable in a room being followed by Bill. Not too many conclusions can be draw from this, but we do know that Bill is still very interested in whatever they're doing.

    Third clip: The Blindeye! This is obviously a secret society (the hooded cloaks give that away). One theory states that Lazy Susan is the head of the society, but due to her expression in the clip she seems to be afraid of…

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  • Afton24

    My Notebook: "Stan"

    June 3, 2014 by Afton24

    One of the most prominent and likely theories circulating right now is Stanford's twin, Stanley. When I first heard about this one I was very skeptical, but as I found out more it became very convincing. (The best source I found was on YouTube.)

    Anyway, a few things to note that might change your view of the "Stans":

    1. In Dreamscapers, Gideon only said "Stan Pines" to Bill and then Bill showed a picture. Most believe this is of Stanford. I think it is very important to acknowledge the fact that if Stanley does exist then it is impossible (right now) to know who that picture is of. 2. Hat Change: Isn't it possible that the reason for the fez's picture change was that the person wearing it changed? I mean if they are twins we would have … Read more >
  • Afton24

    So after Dreamscapers and Gideon Rises aired, I went through the entire season a couple times and I noticed one recurring thing. Dipper's hat often catches on fire (at least in the first 6 or 7 episodes).

    The real reason this stuck out at me was because in one of the Rumble's Revenge cryptograms it says Dipper is playing with fire. So what do you think? Fate or just an interseting coincidence?

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  • Afton24

    Well we all know that Gideon's search ended in disaster for him. He was searching for 1 and found 3 at least he doesn't know what their secret is.

    Speaking of secrets, the secret society Bill mentioned. . . . .

    Well, I've been consructing a list of possible members. At the moment it's rather short but I have reasonable explaination for them all.
    • Stan
    • Soos
    • Robbie
    That's all i have for now if anyone has questions or suggestions to add to the list tell me and i'll see what is likely.

    I'm creating a seperate blog page for the list comment here or on there.

    Jackie Rea

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