Season 1

  • Episode 1 - It is revealed that Gravity Falls is in fact a mysterious town, and that there is a cryptic journal hidden in the woods that details the mysteries of the town. It is also revealed that the author had hidden the journals for an unknown reason, and subsequently stopped writing in the journals. It is also revealed that zombies live in the town and are often mistook for teenagers, and that living garden gnomes live in the woods, searching for a new queen.
  • Episode 2- It is revealed that Old Man McGucket is a clever technician skilled with building robots and machines to get revenge on whoever he wants. Towards the tail end of the episode, it is also hinted that the Gobblewonker, a Lockness-like monster is in fact real. Season 2 also takes place in June.
  • Episode 3- It is revealed that the Mystery Shack has been in business since at least 2002, ten years ago from the show's timeline. It is also revealed that there are sentient living wax statues formerly in exhibition at the shack.
  • Episode 4- It is revealed that Stan is enemies with 9-year old psychic 'Lil Gideon who wants to date Mabel (likely to gain access to the shack). Towards the end it is foreshadowed that he is after the shack. Gideon also states that Dipper had been visiting the town for "a week or two."
  • Episode 5- It is revealed that a haunted convenience store named Dusk 2 Dawn lies in the town, and that the elderly owners died in the property due to their dislike of teenagers, and that they are in fact alive, and as ghosts.
  • Episode 6- It is revealed that Manotaurs live in the woods of the town.
  • Episode 7- It is revealed that there is a magic copier machine in the shack that allows for cloning to be real.
  • Episode 8- It is revealed that the true founder of Gravity Falls is named Quentin Trembley (rather than Nathaniel Northwest), and that he was in fact the former 8th and a half president of the United States, until he was voted out of office. Said information is top-secret. It is also revealed Trembley survived for hundreds of years encased in a brick of peanut brittle.
  • Episode 9- It is revealed that a time traveler known as Blendin Blandin has been studying the town to prevent possible time anomalies. We also see a glimpse of a horrific future wherein an evil cyborg baby rampages over the world, and that said baby is frozen in the antarctic. Blendin also mentions wanting to get revenge over the Pines twins, and that Mabel's newly adopted pet pig Waddles may be very important.
  • Episode 10- It is revealed that Arcade machines can be brought to life, including "Fight Fighters" a popular arcade game in the town, thus brining Rumble McSkirmish to life, who attempts to murder Robbie, due to a misunderstanding with Dipper.
  • Episode 11- It is revealed that Gideon is in fact after the Mystery Shack. It is also revealed that his mother shows signs of being disturbed by him, and that there are height-altering crystals hidden in the woods.
  • Episode 12- It is revealed that there is some sort of a Summerween Trickster, a creature created out of trashed Halloween candy, who wants revenge on anyone who trashes candy, thereby attempting to eat anyone who does so. Eventually Soos defeats him by eating him.
  • Episode 13- It is foreshadowed that Mabel is slowly turning into Stan, her supposed destiny.
  • Episode 14- It is revealed that there is a magical pair of "truth-telling" dentures hidden in Gravity Falls, and we are also revealed (in person) that there is a "bottomless pit" by the shack.
  • Episode 15- It is revealed that mermen inhabit Gravity Falls.
  • Episode 16- We discover that there is a magical carpet hidden in a room of the shack, of which anyone can swap electrons on, therefore "swapping" bodies. We are also given subtle hints throughout the episode that the carpet and the room itself are significant, due to Stan shrugging when Dipper points out a tag, and Stan glumly wiping a pair of glasses.
  • Episode 17- Robbie knows how to supernaturally brainwash people by rewinding music. It is revealed that Stan at one point had a girlfriend named Carla McCorkle who was wooed by a hippie who used psychedelic music to brainwash her.
  • Episode 18- It is revealed that dinosaurs inhabit the town, due to being trapped in prehistoric sap, and that the summer heat is melting them. A pterodactyl breaks loose and kidnaps Waddles, so as a promise to Mabel, the Pines and Soos attempt to rescue Waddles, and they succeed.
  • Episode 19- It is revealed that there is a dream demon known as Bill Cipher whom once summoned into a person's mind can have full control over their memories and dreams, and is claimed to have no known weakness (which is eventually revealed to be to conjure anything in a mindscape, which can defeat the demon) which is then revealed to conjure anything in a mindscape. Gideon hires him in order to steal the deed to the Mystery Shack, by finding out the code to Stan's safe. Once Bill is defeated, he gives up and mentions that there will soon be a supposed dark day in the future where "everyone and everything you love will change." He then claims that he will be watching them from now on. Also during the episode, it is revealed that Stan had a similar tough childhood, and the reason why he is hard on Dipper is to "toughen 'em up." When the Pines and Soos wake up, Gideon gets hold of the deed, and demand they exit the premises. When they refuse, he destroys part of the shack with dynamite. Due to him owning the shack, he redecorates the Shack to be themed around him.
  • Episode 20- It is revealed that Gideon is after the Mystery Shack because he believes it is build on the property of 2 cryptic journals that detail the mysteries of Gravity Falls, which when all are connected can form a machine that functions as a portal. He soon discovers that there are 3 journals, shortly after he steals 3 from Dipper. He attempts to chase them out of town, assuming they had Journal #1. When it looks like Dipper and Mabel are top be incarcerated, Stan bursts out of his car and shows the townsfolk proof that Gideon is a fraud and that he stole the deed to the shack. He then quietly takes back Journal 2. Gideon is shortly after arrested, and he claims that the town need him after all. When Dipper, Mabel, and Stan talk, he runs off with 3 into a secret laboratory hidden by a vending machine.

Shortly before the ending credits, it is revealed that Stan has been searching for the journals for a very long time, and that 1 is in Stan's possession, and after he connects all 3 journals, that he is building the aforementioned portal.

Season 2

  • Episode 1- Stan reveals he knows a bit about the supernatural. We are also revealed that two FBI agents named Agent Powers and Agent Trigger have been searching for the town for years. It is also revealed that Stan has been studying the supernatural since at least 1982, which is 30 years ago in the series' timeline.
  • Episode 2- Dipper, Mabel, Soos, and Wendy venture into the author's underground bunker, and we are introduced to the shape-shifter. He also gives subtle hints about the author's identity. Soos also finds the author's supposed cryptic laptop, and Dipper admits his feelings for Wendy.
  • Episode 3- It is foreshadowed that Franz may reappear later in the series, and as a bigger threat.
  • Episode 4- It is revealed that Bill has been keeping a close eye on Dipper and Mabel for a very long time, and that he was at one point human, and has inhabited a human body other than Dipper's. Bill also smashes the laptop, supposedly destroying it (though there is a chance later in the season that its data could be recovered).
  • Episode 5- Stan used to regularly commit heists, which led to his arrest in Colombia.
  • Episode 6- Stan drugged up a visitor to the shack and uses him as an attraction known as the "Cheapskate."
  • Episode 7- There exists a secret society in Gravity Falls known to wipe citizen's memories entitled the Blind Eye Society, which was inadvertently founded by McGucket; in an attempt to forget assisting the author of the journals. Robbie, Pacifica & her father Preston Northwest are the only people known so far to have suffered memory eraser, as well as Lazy Susan, whose memory was wiped after an encounter with the gnomes. Stan has been working on the portal more than ever, and it is getting stronger every moment. Also, Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty take place in the same universe.
  • Episode 8- Stan is barred from boarding airplanes, Soos' dad was a deadbeat, Deputy Durland formerly worked at the Mystery Shack circa. 2002, Soos is 22 years old and was born on July 13, 1990. A laser tag building in the town was formerly a mattress store that soon went out of business. Blendin Blandin has escaped from prison and is seeking vengeance on the Pines twins. There is also a futuristic competition known as Globnar, in where former time convicts battle against the subjects who caused them to be incarcerated.
  • Episode 9- The agents continue to spy on the Pines family. Robbie is depressed and his parents are unusually cheerful and optimistic. Stan hates hipsters. There is an annual "Woodstick" festival in town.
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