FANDOM's some Gravity Falls fan-fiction..Here's how I think Scaryoke will play out (at least the begining).. I'm just bored so okay. :D

Edit: Here's some more of it!'

Stan: *looks at a pair of glasses he is holding and sniffs*

  • we see 1, 2, and 3 glowing.*
  • Stan is setting up a bit more of the machine.*

Stan: remember, trust no one in Gravity Falls.. *dramatic music*

  • We cut to Dipper, Mabel, and Soos in the Shack playing with water guns and giggling.*

Soos: I totally got you dudes!

Mabel: No, I got you... *quirts Soos.*

Soos: Ha..ha..ha.. *squirts Dipper and Mabel.*

Dipper: *laughs* heh.. No, I'm the boss here! *everyone is suddenly soaked wet.*

  • Wendy walks in.*
  • Dipper blushes and hides the water gun behind his back.*

Dipper: Ermm..

Wendy: Hey, do you know where Stan is? I'm supposed to start my shift now and I don't know where he is..

Dipper: yeah, I don't even know where he is either.. *mumbles* I don't even know what he's doing with my journal.. *is interrupted by Soos.*

Soos: Hey, I'll go find him! Stay here guys! *runs off*

  • Soos walks by the vending machine and inputs the four digit code in the speakeasy and rides the elevator.*
  • Cut back to Dipper and Mabel.*

Dipper: Hey, Wendy..what's up? *blushes*

Wendy: Not much..I'm just here waiting for Stan to show up..

Dipper:. . me too.. *looks at Mabel.* Hmm.. what is that guy up to?

Mabel: Don't worry Dipper, I'm sure whatever Soos and Stan are up to isn't that important..

Dipper: *sighs* I guess..

  • Cut back to Soos.*

Soos: hello, mr. pines?

  • taps Stan on the shoulder.*

Stan: *gasps* Wha? ..Oh, it's you..

Soos: Hey, mr. Pines..Wendy was just here asking where you were...

Stan: Well, I can't come back right now, this is important..

Soos: So does this mean I get to run the shack for right now?

Stan: Sure..whatever..just get outta my hair.

Soos: Sweet! Thank you so much.. *runs out.*

Stan: Oi..when will people like him stop bugging me?

  • Cut back to Stan looking at a photograph of Dipper and Mabel, and smiling but looking a bit forlong when he looks at Dipper.*
  • Cut back to the shack living room.*

Soos: hey, guys! So Stan said I could run the shack for now while he's busy, so I guess I'm the boss for now..

  • the rest cheer.*

Dipper: yeah!

Mabel: Go Soos! ..hopefully he'll do a better job than what I did.

Dipper: did a pretty good job then..Remember, you beat Stan!

MabeL: Oh, right! but I was still a jerk to everyone..

Wendy: Alright! So what am I supposed to do now? it seems like there's nothing interesting to do now..

  • Soos is thinking.*

Soos: hhm..hmmm

Dipper: *groans* Nothing's been normal ever since the Gideon incident, I mean the least we could do I throw some sort of celebrating or something...

Soos: Wait a minute, let's throw a party!

Dipper: Let's just hope this one doesn't turn as chaotic as the last one.. *adjusts his bangs near his birthmark.*

Mabel: Yay!

Wendy: but what are we celebrating?..

Soos: how about we celebrate the re-opening of the shack!

Wendy: Whatever..sounds okay.

Soos: I'll go get out the supplies!

  • Cut to the rest getting out party supplies, and Mabel desinging a poster advertising the party and pouring copious amounts of glitter all over it and smiling.*

Soos: *walks over and staples the sing to a post on a tree nearby.*

Mabel: I did a good job..I'm an artistic genius!

Dipper: uhh..not really..

Mabel: You don't understand the true meaning of art..

  • they walk inside.*

Mabel: Wow! A karaoke machine! *squeals*

Dipper: *looks around* Soos, where did you get all this stuff?

Soos: heh..I just found it in the utility closet over here..

Dipper: okay..

  • we see wendy up on a ladder setting up a giant banner reading MYSTERY SHACK IS BACK.*

Mabel: this should be fun!..

  • Dipper has a bit of an uneasy expression on his face.*
  • theme song starts.*

Dipper: (screams)

Mabel: What? This looks like fun!

Dipper: but Mabel, it looks suspicious!

Mabel: Oh, stop it! Why can't you have fun for once?

Dipper: Yeah, and die doing it..

Mabel: Yeesh.. Looks like only Mabel's gonna have fun tonight..huh?

Dipper: *sighs* Sometimes I wish Mabel wouldn't disregard the supernatural.. I mean, this looks an awful lot suspicious.. Why am I the one who hunts the supernatural, and she just doesn't care?... *groans*

  • dramatic music plays*

Dipper: I just wish Mabel would be more precautious about things, youknow?...

Dipper: now what about that "utility closet" Soos mentioned? Hmm.. I think I should go check on it... *walks into the utility closet.* I dunno... *looks at the dusty doorknob.* Ermm...okay.. *slowly opens it and walks inside.*

Dipper: hello? *voice echos* Anyone here? *sees some missing pages of 3* Huh, what's this? *blows off dust* Oh, wait! Some missing pages of the journal...but why are there any pages here? Well, at least they're here... *walks out and shuts the door.*

  • cut to Dipper on a bench reading the missing pages.*

  • dramatic music plays.*

To be continued..

So, how did I do? I was bored but I think this was kind of ok.

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