(Setting) Mabel and Dipper at the parking lot outside the Mystery Shack

Dipper is reading 3.

Mabel takes the book away from Dipper. "Dipper! Why are you obsessed with this nerd handbook?"

Dipper looks at Mabel. "Mabel, this book has helped us solve many mysteries, okay?"

"I know.. I thought we could use some sibling time." Mabel says.

"I know Mabel.." Dipper then sees a shadow in the nearby trees. "Huh?"

Mabel throws a rock at Dipper. "What is it goofus?"

Dipper walks towards the shadow.

The shadow then says "Stay back!"

Dipper quickly recognizes the voice and it is revealed that the shadow is 'Lil Gideon.

"Dipper Pines..." says Gideon.

"What do you want, Gideon.." says Dipper.

Mabel walks up to him. "Yeah!"

Dipper notices that Gideon has a new Mystic Amulet.

Gideon walks towards Dipper. "Dipper.. your sister is in trouble. The gnomes are plotting their nex-"

Dipper and Mabel both tackle Gideon.

(Setting) In the Gravity Falls Forest.

Gideon is tied to a tree. "Untie me!"

Dipper makes the rope tighter. "Don't mess with us, Gideon! You can't beat us."

"I'm trying to tell you something!" Gideon yells.

Mabel slaps him multiple times.

"Mabel!" Dipper tries to stop her.

"Let's give him a chance to tell us what he wants to say." Dipper says.

Gideon looks at them both. "The gnomes.. they're plotting their next attack. I was walking through the forest when I encountered those hideous beasts! I was eavesdropping on what they were saying. The gnomes were preparing.. they had sticks as spears and turtle shells as shields. They even transformed into a bigger gnome monster."

Dipper looks at Gideon suspiciously. "Why would WE trust you after you tried to kill me!?"

"Not only they're going to attack you, but also everyone in Gravity Falls!" Gideon says.

Mabel and Dipper look at each other and they both nod. They then start to untie Gideon.

(Setting) At the Mystery Shack.

Gideon, Dipper, Mabel are in the attic.

Dipper reaches into his pocket. "Here Gideon, your amulet."

Gideon takes it.

Grunkle Stan walks in. "Wah! Gideon!? What is this lunatic doing here!?"

Gideon looks at Stan. "What does it look like, Stanford?"

Stan looks at Gideon suspiciously. "Are you here to reclaim anything I stole from you?"

"What?" Gideon asks.

"Oh ummm nothing! Okay.. umm... bye!" Stan leaves Dipper and Mabel's room.

"What was that all about?" Dipper asks.

Mabel shrugs.

"I'm starving!" Gideon says.

Dipper turns to Gideon. "Their are caramel apples downstairs." He then looks at a map of the Gravity Falls Forest.


Gideon takes a bite out of the apple. "Mmm..delicious."

Waddles walks in living room and sees Gideon. "Oink!"

He sees the caramel apple and jumps on Gideon.

"Help! The bogeyman! Please don't take my diamond pacifier!"

Dipper and Mabel run downstairs and they see Waddles on top of Gideon.

"Bogeyman!?" (Dipper)

"Diamond pacifier?" (Mabel)

"Oh Waddles, were you playing with Gideon!?" Mabel picks up Waddles. "Awww... you look so cute when your face is covered in caramel!"

Dipper looks outside a window. He's looking around and he sees the giant gnome monster running towards the Mystery Shack. "Mabel, the gnomes are back!"

(Setting) Outside the Mystery Shack.

Dipper, Mabel and Gideon run outside.

Gideon holds his Mystic Amulet. "You really are foolish, Dipper Pines."

"I knew we couldn't trust you!" Dipper yells.

"I can't forgive you for getting between Mabel and I!" Gideon then uses his powers to make Dipper float.

Dipper looks down. "Wha-wha-! Gideon, put me down!"

Gideon looks at him. "Oh... I will." He throws Dipper across the parking lot and he hits Stan's car.

Grunkle Stan looks outside. "Hey! That's my car.. why I outta!"

The gnome monster throws a tree at the Mystery Shack.

"Never mind!" Stan runs upstairs.

(Going to work on it tomorrow.)

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