Already a new part! Today's been the real mystery...

PART 1.5

"Because we've had a page in the upper left hand corner, shown by the edges, and one just on the bottom, hmm..." I said. "Gah!

"6 pages will piece together: upper left corner, top, upper right corner, lower left corner, bottom, lower right corner, and then it will show a complete page!"

"But of what? What page will it show us? Was it from Dipper's book we have encountered or seen before?" Totally me245 said.

"I don't know." I replied.

"6 pages?" Topdarlingwh asked.

"Pieces of a page." I replied.

"6 parts makes sense." GravityFallsCipher replied.

"Looks more like 4 to make a big X." Top said.

"All six shorts will have 1/6 of the page, and we stitch them together..." I replied to Top.

We were talking about the flashing pages at the end of the premieres of Candy Monster and Stan's Tattoo - they were bordered so specifically, and when TM wanted to stitch the two pages together, that gave Bill the idea of what it is supposed to be doing.

" make a big page." I finished.

"I still say 4 'cause that would mean the middle pages would be just read and we would have to wait for all of them before making sense of it?" Top asked.

"6 shorts and pages are easily divided into 6." GFC replied to Top.

[The following part has been censored due to the consensus regarding the author of the books.]

"Yeah, I know, 6, but what would you do with the middle pages? How would you know what is left and what is right?" Top asked.

"Top, the borders of the page."

"Yes, I know...I said the middle ones."

"There is no 'middle pages'." I said, confused exactly about what Top was saying. "If there is 6, there'd be upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right, middle top, and middle bottom."

"'Top, there is no middle pages' there you said 'middle top, and middle bottom'" he replied.

"It has border on top, and border on bottom. You were saying as in, with no borders." I replied.


"Sorry, misread you."

And the topic seemed to change after that. I'll be back tomorrow with a new part...probably.

Bill_Cipher.gif I'll be watching you... Bill_Cipher.gif

P.S. To top it all off,
"What WAS under Mabel's bandage?" -Marioracer1

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