17Nanorobin 17Nanorobin 21 February 2014

New Upcoming Television Series Idea

So far, I think that, The Pigman, Paul was a bad idea since there was already a book called "The Pigman". I realize that if I made a show under that name, the show would have some resemblance to that same name, so I decided to delay the idea. Plus, I didn't get the ideas from mostly myself. Some of these ideas I had to get from things like "Fairly OddParents", and mostly I created this show only for a video game in the series. So I decided that since The Pigman, Paul is delayed, I will make a new series replacing it. Problem is, I don't know what the show is called. The reason why I have trouble with dealing with delaying The Pigman, Paul is because the show, I can't think of anything original. Truth is, for me, it's hard to, and it only c…

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17Nanorobin 17Nanorobin 17 December 2013

RP: The Great Finale Of All Time!

The Greatest Finale Of All Time is the first fanon I made!

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17Nanorobin 17Nanorobin 21 July 2013

New (OC): League of Villains


Choose your OC character. Then:

Stan has been captured by Lil' Gideon, Robbie, Pacific Northwest, The Summerween Monster, and the Dipper clones. Now, you have to save him. Choose any elemental class to save him:

Storm (10 members required)

Fire (10 members required)

Ice (10 members required)

Earth (10 members required)

(More classes coming soon.)


Storm Bolt (zaps 120 damage to 3 enemies) (get when you become a storm ninja)

Flame Charge (hits 120 damage to 3 enemies) (get when you become a fire ninja)

Blizzard Freeze (starts a wild blizzard that lasts for 10 turns, hits 10 damage per turn unless if ice ninja) (get if you become an ice ninja)

Earthquake (creates an earthquake attack that does 120 damage to all foes, including your partners) (get i…

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17Nanorobin 17Nanorobin 21 July 2013

Twin Portal of Doom

Now, you may guess,


Well, it's just a guess for what the season 2 episode could be about and what it could be called. This episode may not be real, but it's just an assumption.

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17Nanorobin 17Nanorobin 19 July 2013

GF Ratings

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