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  • I live in drought hell (aka california)
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is student
  • I am an asexual panromantic she/her/hers pronoun-using young adult

I edit a lot of redirects on here. I will not edit user, talk, or forum pages, so some redirects that could probably be deleted will have to stay around.

Also I'm an imagecontrol now, which means I can delete and rename files.

I can also be found on the Life in the Dreamhouse, Ben 10, and MS Paint Adventures (content warning: swears) wikis.

Also, here's a random link to Gravity Falls (TV series)/Gallery/Misc, to keep it out of orphaned pages.


S1e1 mabel daisy necklace
This user is a female Gravity Falls fan.
S1e16 candy kisses
This user is actually Candy because duh.
S1e8 edwin darling
This user ships BlubsxDurland
S1e7 mabel's turn
This user ships Mabifica
S1e5 lee and nate
This user ships NatexLee
S2e5 compatible
This user ships SoosxMelody


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Images that are used on the wiki but not conventionally. Putting them here to keep them out of the unused files page.

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