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Hi! I love Gravity Falls and I computer edit and draw.  And I've been on other wiki's before. :D I also watch Adventure Time and The Simpsons X)!


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Favorite Gravity Fall Characters (Not in order)

Xyler and Craz[[File:Mabel_Laughing_(Llama).png|thumb|Mabel]]

Mabel Pines

Dipper Pines

Stan Pines

Bill Cipher



S1e1 mabel daisy necklace
This user is a female Gravity Falls fan.
This user likes Tyler because of his catchphrase "Get ' em, Get 'em!"

S1e19 Look what I can do
This user loves Bill Cipher because who doesn't like things with a top hat?

S1e19 Teen boys back to life
This user likes Xyler and Craz because they say funny, weird, odd things.

S1e4 mabel name sweater
This user loves Mabel because she is fun, funny, and energetic.

S1e10 your funeral
This user loves Dipper because he is funny, awkwardly social, and strange in a good way.

S1e14 Stan, Dipper, and Mabel watch Manly Dan wrestle a bear
This user loves Stan because he's hilarious.

S1e13 Friends at work
This user loves Soos because he's funny.

S1e5 wendy leaning on atm
This user likes Wendy because she's pretty cool and awesome.

S1e11 secret
This user thinks 'Lil Gideon is very strange and odd.

Top 5 Gravity Fall Episodes

1. Dreamscaperers
S1e19 Craz and Xyler

Xyler and Craz in Dreamscaperers

2. Tourist Trapped

3. Bottomless Pit!

4. Double Dipper

5. Little Dipper

S1e19 The deal with Bill
This user loves Dreamscaperers because Bill is in it, also it's awesome.

S1e1 mabel likes turtles
This user loves Tourist Trapped because it's a hilarious episode.

S1e14 Tax Fraud
This user loves Bottomless Pit! because it's funny and the user likes the plot.

S1e7 dipper fantasy wendy punch dipper
This user loves Double Dipper because of the funny fantasies and Paper Jam Dipper.

S1e11 suck a lemon
This user loves Little Dipper because it's a great and funny episode.

Favorite Quotes (Gravity Falls)

"Remember folks, we put the FUN in 'No Refunds!'"
—Stan Pines[source]

"C'mon, guys, nobody even uses millimeters. It would only make you taller than me in Canada."

(Btw I am Canadian)

"Do you have this in a different animal?"

"Am I a man? Am I a baby? These are legitimate questions."

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