aka Top

  • I live in Gotham City
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Jungle Cruise Skipper

Greetings mortals

My name is TopTop23 or (more commonly) Top.

I am a Disney expert, part-time boxer, full-time awesome.

I have been on the GF wiki for a couple years now, and my best friend is Valk


Things that are cool that you might think are cool too

  • Disney
    • I know a ton of stuff about everything Disney, but don't be mean and try to argue with me
  • Marvel
    • Spider-Man fan since 2006
  • Dinosaurs
    • Dinosaurs are cool and not that mean so you should be nice to them
  • Criminal Law
    • Avocados at Law
  • Vague Fandoms
    • Supernatural, Disney, APH, PJO, Young Justice, Ultimate Spider-Man, Batman, Gotham, etc.
  • Music
    • I like a lot of music: p!atd, fob, U2, Christmas music
  • Batman
    • I know a lot about Batman, and will gladly talk about the comics as well as other media

My best friends <3

I have made a TON of friends on the wiki so here is a list of some of them (kinda like Valk's list) (don't be offended if you aren't on here)

  • Valkryie247, my ultra-cool bro who is amazing and we could probably communicate by using just inside jokes, to be honest. One of the nicest people EVER. <3 190% chance that I will talk about Valk at some point during a conversation on the wiki.
  • Aardvarkbanana911, the original wiki bro. He is awesome and likes Spider-man.
  • MabelionSupporter my favourite sprinkles <3
  • OnlyOnTuesdays88
  • ThePK
  • TheUnown
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