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  • I live in My Awesome World (Alberta, Canada)
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is being super awesomazing
  • I am on my way...


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Welcome to Super Revenger 98's awesome userpage!

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This user is like Dipper because he is smart, awesome, cool, wise and funny.
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About me

Super Revenger 98


Darwin Martin


April 19


Soccer star player, genius student


Smart, awesome, cool, wise, funny and cheerful

Top Favorites

Gravity Falls, Despicable Me, Soccer, Revenge, Pizza, Lord of the Rings




14 years old


Never fear! Darwin Olaf Revenge is on his way!

Favorite Gravity Falls Episodes

1.Carpet Diem
2.Boyz Crazy
4.Gideon Rises
5.Tourist Trapped

Favorite Gravity Falls Characters

1.Dipper Pines
2.Stan Pines


Top Best friends

Dipperfans- My #1 best friend on this wiki, he is a cool guy, also an Asian. Also a fellow editor at Gravity Falls RP Wiki.. his show, "The Gee" is awesome and I like it! We seem to be very close with each other and we never fighted. I myself thought and helped him with his signature and Message Wall Greeting.

GravityFalls4Ever- My #1 best friend on this wiki, Fellow fan of The Lord of The Rings, we have the same favorite people there. Also likes cheese like me Same interests and is overall very fun to talk with. Also a fellow shipper of Deputy Durland X Sheriff Blubs! I thought and helped her with her signature and Message Wall Greeting.

Donyark-I call him Donny and our names, Donny & Darwin are both names of real Minions!!! My first friend on the wiki, great guy, fun to hang with, my fellow admin on Despicable Me Wiki and Minionpedia. Also a fan of Lord of the Rings. He is very helpful, funny and friendly. We have many wikis where we both work on.

Other best friends

Spark- one of the best among best friend on this wiki, I call him Sparky, we both work on Despicable Me Wiki as Admins and both love Minions too. I say he is a cool, awesome, very very funny and hilarious guy which I find very interesting to talk to and hang-out with.

GravityFallsFan- She is very funny and awesome. Loves making Gravity Falls stories too, like me. A good chatter, I find her fun to chat with all along.

Zim- Fellow admin on Babies Wiki, the show he created is totally awesome!

Izunna- great guy, a wise cracker, can make dark things brighter.

Ef- a very good admin, a wikia-experienced user, always have answers to questions. Also a good chatter.

Tuck- runs both this wiki and Wander over Yander, a good and very friendly admin and he has answers to questions. A big fan of mudkip and also a good chatter.

Pork- cool pal, fun to hangout and talk with. I swear that he is the most awesome goldfish evah! I also find him fun to RP with.

GumballGuy- a cool and awesome person. Fellow fan of The Amazing World of Gumball.

Lili- nice person, fun to RP and hangout with.

LunaRaine- a very funny and cool person, she is fun to talk to. We have the same birthday, April 19!

Unown- cool and nice person, he is the one who first greeted me in chat, told me to make an edit first.

Bill Cipher- nice and funny person, a good chatter. But he's not like Bill Cipher who is mean and evil.

Luis Antonio- great person, fellow fan of Max Steel.

Jenson- Fellow admin on Despicable Me Wiki, he is funny and we are both good at coding and templates.

Dragonknight86- He's also a minion and a great pal! Fellow admin on the wikis he created about bricks or legos. He loves music and bricks so much!

Samuel Pippin- Fellow fan of Lord of the Rings, he is as cool as Pippin, the character of LOTR.

Everyone else if your not in my friends list, you should know everyone's my friend, even my enemies are my friend. You can say that I am very friendly and natural. You can also leave me a message if you wanna be on the list! Feel free to do that friend!


Just tell me if you wanna RP with me. I can, anytime. If you don't see me on chat, that only means that I'm busy on school tasks or soccer training or you have a different time zone with me. My OC is Darwin Revenger.

Random stuff: Put anything you want here!

Ok this part is where you are free to edit. I give you permission to edit my userpage but don't edit anything else except this. You may put anything, but ONLY AT THIS SECTION I like random stuff and I'm a fun guy so....put anything you like!

Bello my friend! Nice sig btw -Samuel


S1e20 cute Mabel transparent Friends are like potatoes. When you eat them, they die. S1e11 Mabel says what transparent 12:08, December 3, 2013 (UTC)

What's up buddy? Kez Felix (talk) 13:22, December 3, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for being too friendy too me Darwin!

File:Dipper animated reading 3.gif Sparkarez Talk Bill appearance 14:02, December 3, 2013 (UTC)

I can't wait for more new epsode of Gravity Falls and Winx Club, lol. 70px-Flora_Bloomix.jpg I am Dipperfans and I will fly to the sky! 70px-Musa_Bloomix.jpg 13:17, January 6, 2014 (UTC) 8:15, December 4, 2013 (UTC)

Bello Darwin Martin!

You have been reached by...

75px-S1e5_this_guy.pngTHIS GUY! 75px-S1e5_this_guy.png


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