Hey! I'm StarTrekkie47, you can call me Seki, and I am a just short of normal person on this wiki. I LOVE Gravity Falls, Star Trek, the Marvel Cinematic and Television Universes, and a bunch of other fandoms too.

Some of my bestest-est friends are WishKat, Izunna Nwogbo, TheUnown, and Dipper4561. <3

I love to sing, and I was in the Michigan 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. and 2016 All-State Honor's Choirs. I also love acting, and WishKat can tell you about all the plays and musicals we've been in together. Especially the one where she was a makeup-powdered judge to fairytale characters.

I was born on February 23, my favorite number is 47, and another of my favorite numbers is 13 because everyone thinks its unlucky (My natural hipster instinct). And by the way, 7 did actually eat 9. Ahhhhhh!!!

I am a tall freak at now 6' , which isn't as glamourous as you may think. Sure, I can reach tall items on a shelf, but I will have to live with all of those dreadful tall people jokes...

You may know me by my OCs, Jade Northwest, Adrian Ventell, Victoria Royals, and Ellis Atkins. I love to roleplay using said characters, but I'm completely cool with canon as well. I major in Gravity Falls RP, but I also indulge in Homestuck, Hetalia, and others.

I am COMPLETELY obsessed with Star Trek. No, not just, "Oh, I've seen a couple of episodes, Yay Spock!", but like, "STAR TREK IS MY LIFE AND DON'T DISS IT." Oddly enough, I've never been to a convention.

And if you are wondering, the song on my profile is "Nililli Mambo" by Block B. It's featured in one of my FAVORITE videos, and it is SO fun to dance to. Not like...I dance...when nobody's around...or anything...*cough*


  • Justin Beiber ~ So many reasons
  • Star Trek: Voyager ~ There's not really any hope for this one...
  • Coffee ~ I mean I'll take it with all the sugar added into it, but black coffee is just blah
  • Drugs ~ Don't do drugs
  • Star Wars: "I, II, and III" ~ noooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Waking up WAY too early ~ Unless I'm going to Disney or something
  • Pizza Sauce with like whole tomato chunks in it like ew
  • Cats ~ They may SEEM all cute and cuddly, but secretly, they're planning to kill you.
  • Ginger Ale ~ Have you ever wanted to know what acid reflex tastes like?

(Not So)Recent Memories of Gravity Falls Wikia

  • First Friend: Mermaid22!!
  • 150 edits: June 19.
  • 200 edits: June 23.
  • 250 edits: July 15!
  • 300 edits: August 6!
  • 350 edits: August 8!
  • 400 edits: August 18!
  • 450 edits: September 18!
  • 500 edits: September 25!
  • 550 edits: October 5!
  • 600 edits: October 30!
  • 700 edits: December 30!
  • 750 edits: January 2! Happy New Year!
  • 800 edits: January 31!
  • 900 edits: August 8! Lolzor
  • 950 edits: August 20!
  • 1,000 EDITS: November 28! I am old.

Friends on Gravity Falls Wikia

  • WishKat/Kaede: Wish is really really cool. She has really nyce OCs. I love to RP with her. She has cats. It's awesome how we've liked moved throughout the years and still have stayed pretty good friends.
  • Izunna Nwogbo/Iz/Sometimes Dies For No Reason: If you ever have a chance to RP with Iz, consider it already one of the best RPs you'll ever have. He is one of the best roleplayers I have ever met in my entire life, and he's overall an amazing friend.
  • Dipper4561/Tavros/Obviously Romano: AMAZING. They're always there for me, and I am so lucky to have Dip as a friend. Dip is like SO nice, and always has a smile on their face. Probably. I've been through so much with them, and I hope for many years of friendship to come. <>

My Quotes

  • "A joke, my friend."
  • "Don't say you're a Trekkie if you just "like" Star Trek. If you just "like" Star Trek, then you're a Trekker."
  • "Seki does not approve."
  • "Black Roses...Lots of black roses..."
  • "Don't ever trust Walmart, children. It's full of people who always tell you to have a great day. BUT WHAT IF YOU'RE NOT HAVING THE GREATEST DAY, HUH?!"
  • "Have you SEEN Canadians hair? It's GORGEOUS."
  • "Its not that I don't LIKE you, its just that I don't like being around you."
  • "Drugs."
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