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Heya <insert name here> my name is SapphiresAProxy but you can called me Sapphire or Sapphy anything is fine. i have been here originally by March 27th, 2016, but i couldnt get into my other account which is Slenderman'sProxySapphire. I like to watch Gravity Falls, anime(Servamp, Devils a part timer, Sailor Moon, Cheer boys!, Black butler and so much more.) , Doctor Who all seasons, but Gravity Falls is the best.

I am an Anime Otaku and im very proud to be one just like my best friend CosmicOtaku08 is.

http://gravityfalls.wikia.com/wiki/User:Slenderman%27sProxySapphire- my other account

More facts about me is in below Thanks for visiting my profile.

Things you might want to know about me n personality

  • my nickname is Sapphire, Slendy or Sapphy.
  • My first ever friends here are Valkyrie247 and Stevidot
  • I'm really friendly.
  • I'm good at drawing anime.
  • I like to chat.
  • I'm very sweet, cheerful and nice
  • I can be weird sometimes.
  • I can be stubborn sometimes
  • I dont want to brag but i got killer moves on the dance floor
  • I'm trying out to be a youtuber, when i get the equipment
  • I have a big family
  • I play instruments mainly flute and drums
  • I'm a hardcore gamer girl
  • I'm 16 years old
  • I'm in grade 12 so a senior / sophomore
  • I like dubstep
  • I tend to get bored at school
  • I dont normally get into fights
  • I'm an aunt to 7 kids since the age of 4 years old
  • I get nervous over nearly everything i do
  • I detest bullies in general
  • I'm a hands on type of person
  • I like to read and write for kids
  • I can sing and dance
  • i can pull of as a guy with my hair


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It was depressing, hope yours was better. -BucketFace

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