I am no longer apart of this community anymore.

Hello there. I am mostly an editor for Happy Tree Friend wiki, and wiki's related to the series. Please do not message my board unless it is something Happy Tree Friend related or wiki related to the Happy Tree Friend wiki. I will not respond to any other thing.

Friend List

If you consider me a friend, add your username below V. I will delete some people who I don't consider friends myself.


Valkryie247 ~ Hai xP

Bill Cipher The Dorito AKA Elvis Presley XD



S2e19 Emmy Cicierega promo art ~ Juan The American Brony


Gage, Oh my gobstoppers you are one of my most favorite people in the world. You're so honest, sometimes  brutally.But you always know how to deal with all kinds of situations. I actually feel like I have a brother. Since I don't really have "true" ones in real life. I am so happy I know you. I'm also proud to call you my brother and friend. <3 Stay awesome. You will be the best best psychiatrist ever!! <3 ~Desi

I'll just sign here. -BucketFace


My Userboxes

Short10 candydip high five
This user ships CandyxDipper
S2e10 unexpected hug
This user ships Dipifica
S1e15 best summer
This user ships Wendip
S1e1 Do the honors
This user ships Pinecest
S2e9 deal made
This user ships Mobbie
S1e7 mabel&#039;s turn
This user ships Mabifica
S1e16 candy kisses
This user likes Candy because she is awesome!!!.
Dipper promo art
This user likes Dipper because he is exactly like me.
Mabel promo art
This user like Mabel because because she is crazy and loveable..


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