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Ally here x

A little about me

  • I am a huge shipper. Literally I have a whole binder just for ships in different shows and fandoms I enjoy.
  • I love romance. Romance movies, romance games, romance in real life and romance books. I just am a hopeless romantic
  • Animals are my life. I will do anything for animals and I get super protective over animal subjects. I can't help it. Animals are just amazing and we're animals too so let's give them the same love we give each other.
  • I write stories, poems and songs. I'm not very good but it's pretty time consuming.
  • I draw chibi art usually or just stuff I copied offline. Again, not very good but I try and its just enjoyable.
  • I love Disney movies. Honestly, Disney is what gives me hope and is part of why I'm as nice as I am sometimes. Disney is just magical and I just adore Walt Disney's work and its just something I will always love and spend waaay too much money on buying merchandise from.
  • Panromantic and Asexual. (Shocker)
  • Positivity Wall. I have a positivity wall in my room above my bed and it has all sorts of motivational quotes and is just very positive and happy x
  • I have a soft spot for kids and babies. They're just tiny little humans and need to live life and hopefully succeed through it x
  • Makeup is something I enjoy applying OKay? I don't just wear it because I think I'm ugly 
  • I'm American :D 
  • Dancing is also something I like to do sometimes. I have "dancers feet" which means I have a perfect arch in my feet and can go on my tippy toes.
  • I am extremely clueless in math and science. Yeah if you have questions on how to do that, ask somebody else. I'm just gonna fail you 
  • I have an 11th grade reading level.
  • History is my favorite subject.
  • Lots of food hurts my stomach (dairy, gluten, red sauce and things with tons of sugar in it) 
  • Gummy bears are life. (Duh)
  • My favorite shows are Gravity Falls, Miraculous Ladybug and Steven Universe (again, duh)
  • Voice impressions is another thing I can do. I'm actually pretty okay at some I attempt like Harley Quinn or Snow White x
  • Puns literally just kill me.
  • I have a pig snorty laugh 
  • My full name is Antonio Pablo Carlos Geraldo Renaldo Juan Jose Bandito Ricardo Bandereas.

All doneee x

Message my wall if you want to chat x

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