• I live in Wherever I damn well please.
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Being incredibly stubborn and Stupid
  • I am mentally retarded

I am.....


Hello, I am (look up), and ima fan of Dipper and Wendy (Wendy's my face btw), I hate Mabel, she's to annoying. So far, The hand that rocks the Mabel is my favorite episode.


Wendy promo art
This user loves Wendy cause she's awesome.
Dipper promo art
This user likes Dipper cause he's funny.
S1e3 suspects board
This user likes Headhunters because I do.
S1e3 sheriff blubs and deputy durland
This user thinks Sheriff Blubs is hilarious.
Mabel promo art
This user hates Mabel because because she is annoying.
S1e9 Robbie
This user thinks Robbie is laid-back.
S1e5 tambry looking up
This user likes Tambry cause she's cute.
Soos promo art
This user think Soos is lovable.
Grunkle Stan promo
This user thinks Stan is a cheapskate..
S1e3 manly dan punching pole
This user believes that Manly Dan needs anger management classes.
S1e2 family photo 1
This user hates The Legend of the Gobblewonker beacuse it wasn't a good episode.
S1e1 dipper and mabel in mystery shack
This user likes Tourist Trapped just because.
S1e3 toby determined hands in air
This user thinks that Toby has a weird voice.
S1e2 old man inside gobblewonker
This user thinks that Old Man McGucket is mental.
S1e1 gnome throwing up animated
This user thinks that puking gnome needs a doggie bag.
S1e4 gideon sitting in chair
This user thinks Li'l Gideon needs to calm down.
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