• I live in The Netherlands
  • My occupation is Admin on different Wiki's and contributor on Wiki's for which i have a interest in.
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My name is Octaaf (nickname, not real name) and i live in The Netherlands

Little bit about me and Gravity Falls

I knew about Gravity Falls's excistence since 2015 because of the commercials on television and online. First episode i saw was The Golf War back in 2016 when it was aired. Only saw the last half. Later somewhere in 2018 i watched my first episode wich was Tourist Trapped. Great way to start a series. Still i didn't think much of it. After seeing, reading, learning and hearing from others more and more about the show i began to realise it wasn't just a other kids show or your average cartoon show. After the three 2019 memes (Wow this is worthless, oh this, this is beautiful, finally after all these years i have them all) and reading more about the main plot of the show i decided to give it a go.

52283 ppl

I was so wrong all these years to know about a show and never watch it untill i saw the first 6 episodes in a row. I am still wondering why i never joined the fandom and the series sooner and i still bump my head against the wall for doing so. It's great! A geat main plot, wonderful characters, good-written episodes, a simple but enjoyable art style and a lot of mystery. Without a doubt one of the best shows i have ever seen and in my opinion the best of the 2010-2020 decade.

I know i am late with joining Gravity Falls and it's mysteries and speculation, but i do my best to still enjoy it.

On this Wiki Fandom site i hope to be able to help the Wiki and meet new people from the fandom here. Always open for a chat or small discussion about things, episodes and characters.

Hope to see and speak to you all soon.

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S1e6 chutzpar and dipper running
This user is a male Gravity Falls fan.
S1e5 this guy
My favorite character is
Dipper Pines!
S1e1 dipper and mabel in mystery shack
This user thinks Tourist Trapped is the best episode for a series to introduce itself.
S1e13 $300,000
My favorite character is
Grunkle Stan!
Once Upon a Swine cover
This user owns Once Upon a Swine
Journal 3 Book Cover
This user owns Gravity Falls: Journal 3
Funko Pop Dipper Pines
This user has a collection of Gravity Falls Pop's from Funko.


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