• I live in Northern New Jersey, United States
  • I was born on March 18
  • My occupation is Student. And that's all.
  • I am taking stuff like a man and moving on

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Weird things I found on the wiki

  • Where's the welcome message?
  • When I made my first edit, I went to my userpage, but the box says I made 2 edits, while the editstats template and my contribs say I only made one.


S1e5 this guy
My favorite character is
Dipper Pines!
S1e6 chutzpar and dipper running
This user is a male Gravity Falls fan.

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Mr. Mystery does not assume liability for disappointment, strange rashes, or accidental plunges into the Bottomless pit. Visitors may experience loss of vision, loss of balance, loss of children, or loss of wallet. Please do not look Mr. Mystery directly in the eye. Not responsible for uncontrolled fits of rage or fits of pants. Remember to tip your waitress. In the event of no waitress, remember to tip your Mr. Mystery. In the even [sic] of no tip, you will be escorted from the premises. Kids’ admission $30 because they smell bad and that one keeps doing that weird thing with his legs. Side effects may include existential quandaries and sudden moral relativism. -Mystery Shack disclaimer, TV Shorts 1

Note: This was taken from the TV Shorts 1 page.

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