• I live in SW Florida
  • I was born on October 30
  • My occupation is I hope to become an Orthodonist some day but my dream job is to work at the Dallas creation reasearch center and study dinosaurs.
  • I am Female

Hello! This is my user page. I am 12 years old and I love Gravity Falls.
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What I look like most of the time

I just began watching Gravity Falls and was amazed by it's humor. I said, this is a funny show. I think I'll become obsessed with it now. Then I found this wiki and realized how much mystery the show has, and it became my second favorite show after Adventure Time.

So here I am, and I intend to be on this wiki for a very long time and contribute to the articals as much as I can.


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                                                                            About Me

I am an A home schooled student and I am in sixth grade. Alot of people think I am below my grade level because I was born close to the school year, but I actually score at a softmore level.

I love swimming because I used to do it competitively. ( I wasn't that good at it but I made alot of friends, so it was fun!!)

I have been playing the violin for seven years now and I play in an orchastra, a group and I help out with a little kid's class with my old private teacher.

I also just started playing guitar and I love it! I only know like three chords but I'm gonna work hard on it.

The thing I am proudest of is being in American Heritage Girls. I love it and we do so much! It has tons of outdoor stuff, art projects, charity work, science and more. It is my favorite thing on earth. :)

My fourth favorite show is Invader Zim. I think it is really funny and but it remains dark.

My third favorite show is Legend Of Korra, and anyone who hasn't seen it has been living in a hole.

My number one favorite show is Adventure Time. It seems retarded, but it is one of the most mature shows I have ever seen. You should really look up it's Wiki.

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