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hi im juno. i am a chat mod here, as well as on the wiki discord. i am more active on the discord but if you message me on my wall then i will answer in a reasonable period of time. thats not a guarntee, so dont sue me.

you might know me as one of my other names, which is cool, and like if you think im somebody that you used to know go ahead and message me, i really want to talk to some of yall and i havent seen or heard from you in over 2 years. man i grew up on here.

anyways my social medias are in the box thats has the "i live in" and "i am" in there.

enjoy this stupid quiz i made when i was 14.

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S2e10 Mabel and Friends Fancy

Queen Desi was here and respects this royal subject <3 (OFF WITH THEIR HEAD)

Hey, hello. ~BM Vivi

Don't lie, you totally know who I am. -Some anime nerd

Well, hey there Juno, I will still be inactive for a long time, but I can write my signature :D XD -Elvis Adika

How have I NOT signed here yet?? I feel so ashamed ;~; Anywho here's my extremely important message: Blerp blerp mcgurgle gook, flippidy boop, smaggity shloop. -Valkryie247

Heyya bro! Its your nerdy bro bro! Receiving this message, "OLEV BLF ZODZBH HRH! <3" - Jay-R Lucero

Huh, didn't know you had this. I'll add mine now -Terrios528

*Turns into Nepeta* FRIENDS FUREVER- Nyx The Nepeta

heya juno, have a nice day! - Slenderman'sProxySapphire

Hey Juno. Sup. :). -Jo

I'm still here, I guess, just not well-known and not very active :'D L0laStarr {talk}

I voted Buckets...for obvious reasons. -BucketFace

Hey Juno^-^ - Stevidot 

Yo, it always feels good signing userpages :3 Flash of Memory (talk) 16:16, July 3, 2016 (UTC)

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