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  • I live in my own world o.0
  • I am the very best.

The song you are listening to is Shooting Star by Owl City. 

I know your there, <insert name here>

And I'm coming for you <insert name here>

Hey guys, I am back! 

So I just came back for a while? -Feb 10, 2015

Might come back soon ~ July 12, 2015

I lied, that was a year ago - 8.12.16

I apologize for whatever is below this because I wrote this so long ago I guess I'm just IRRESTIBLE!!! Found my signature

eDIT I FOUND MY GOOD ONE - Here is my Real Signature.

Moony~I solemnly swear I'm up to no good.| | LunaRaine

Currently trying to adopt the Unwanteds Wiki.


Sign here. I don't care.

HEY. ✿♥Madialiano♥✿ (talk) 00:14, August 17, 2016 (UTC)


ULTIMATE BEST FRIEND: EPIC ~ He is awesome, and he is my Best friend on Roblox and now on here and SAMMY THE CAT.  Hehehehehehehehe :3 Hallo! -Derpy Sup xD. The sky, a-doy! -Derpz

Best Friends:

StarTrekkie47 ~ Epic, funny, and she just loves Star Trek. She is also fun to chat with :P SHE IS AN AWESOME RPER. She is my Best Friend on this wiki!!

MabelPines701/RainbowSparkle ~ She is like my twin sister, and shes my BFF cause we are soo much alike :P LOVE TO RP WITH HER.

Sparkaroo/Dipper Pines ~Boom First friend, I call him Sparkaroo, for who knows why. He is awesome and funny and nice. And he is also my twin brother Dipper Pines :P Blehp! -Now SammSJ

Wishcakes ~ She is a really nice friend and she likes pancakes. WISHY THE KITTTTYYYY

TM ~ Crazy random girl that you just HAVE to love.

_________Good Friends_________________________________

Izunna ~Epic RPer, Really nice friend, and he did not hate me cause my imagination!!!

Miss ~ Fun, cool, awesome, legendary, too many words to describe one of my really good friends!

Crash ~Nice person, Likes Lunai :D

AlisonBlue123 ~ Funny, Random, she likes hugs :P, just nice to be around and chat too.

LittleGideon ~ Fun to chat with :P

MabelThePikachu ~Just awesome. 'nuff said :3

Donnieo/Matt ~ Meh He is funny but ok sometimes, but still, a good friend.

Dipper1234 ~ he is fun to rp with and one of my best friends on te wiki I miss him :P

Unown ~ Dis guy is awesome, funny, and also kinda stalkerish o.0 Love ya Unown. He also ships Lunke like no tomorrow o.0

Me3b4 ~ Pretty Cool friend. Nice to Chat with :3

Ruz ~ She is fun but she ships people a lot :P.

Soul Wolfy ~ Nice and hes fun to chat with rawrf :P

AugustRain ~ Awesome friend, really random sometimes and just nice to talk to. Ships Beast Boy x Raven a LOT

Lalas/Smurf ~ Crazy girl dat is just fun to rp with and chat with! She just loves Andrew.

Top ~ Really nice guy who is always up for GF talk.

SOF~Sponge Odd Fan-cool.

Ally/Queen Desi - awesome!! She loves coffee and Wicked and she's Galinda to my Elphie!!~~

Powermouse ~ prettty cooooool duuuuddeeee

Message me if you want to be on it and I chat with you.

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