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faller since 2012.

gravity falls is my favorite cartoon of all time. thanks, alex hirsch, for everything that you have done and everyone else affiliated. 

my heart wrenches just writing this. i will never forget gravity falls. i have so many memories from this crazy roller coaster ride. thank you, fellow fallers, for everything.


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Season One: Quotes

Tourist Trapped

"Yay! Grass!"

"Mabel, I know you're going through your whole "boy crazy" phase, but aren't you kind of overdoing the "crazy" part?"
—Dipper to Mabel

"I mean, I'm a girl, and you're gnomes, and it's like... what?"
—Mabel to Jeff

"Awkward sibling hug?"

The Legend of the Gobblewonker

"Go Sir Syrup! Go Mountie Man! Go! Go!"
—Dipper and Mabel

"Grunkle Stan, are you wearing a blindfold?"
—Dipper to Stan

"But we realized, the only dinosaur we wanna hang out with is right here. "
—Mabel to Stan


"Aww! You sneeze like a kitten!"
—Mabel to Dipper

"You know, letting me lead you outside? Probably not your sharpest decision."
—Dipper to Wax Sherlock Holmes

"Hot Belgian waffles! What happened to my parlor?"

The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

"Check it out, Dipper! I successfully bezazzled my face! Blink! Ow."

"Dipper Pines. How long have you been living in this town? A week, two? You like it here? Enjoy the scenery?"

"He'll never guess what number I'm thinking of. Negative eight! No one would guess a negative number."

"Gideon. Yeah, the little mutant swore vengeance on the whole family. Ha, I guess he's gonna try to nibble my ankles or somethin'."

The Inconveniencing

"It's not like I lay away at night thinking about her!"
—Dipper to Mabel

"Random dance party for no reason!"

"We're thirteen! So, technically a teen."
—Dipper to Wendy

"But before you leave, hot dogs are now half off. I know it might be crazy, but you gotta try these dogs!"

"Hey, next time we hang out, let's stay at the Mystery Shack. Okay?"
—Wendy to Dipper

Dipper vs. Manliness

"I'm fine locking him inside if you are."
—Stan to Dipper and Mabel

"With the fancy flour they use these days? What am I, made of money? (A dollar bill peeks out of Stan's sleeve) Tap, tap."
—Stan to Mabel

"Fine, 'family of little faith.' Get ready to eat your words. And a plate of delicious pancakes."
—Dipper to Mabel and Stan

"Nothing is stronger than the power of... Mabel."
—Mabel to Stan

Double Dipper

"Calendars, mugs, t-shirts and more! They got it all at the copier store! That's not their slogan, I just really feel that way about the copier store."

"Because tall people can reach coconuts?"
—Dipper to Wendy

Irrational Treasure

"There's a carpetbagger in the turnip cellar!"

"Well, hornswagger my haversack!"

The Time Traveler's Pig

"He said Mabel! Either that or doorbell. Did you say "Mabel" or "doorbell"?"
—Mabel to Waddles

"Robbie, thanks. That's really sweet — the gesture, and the flavored syrup."
—Wendy to Robbie

Fight Fighters

"Robbie? Is he that jerky twerp I see making goo-goo eyes at Wendy all the time?"

"She's out camping with her family today. And if you listened to her for once you'd know that."
—Dipper to Robbie

"Boys! Why can't you learn to hate each other in secret? Like girls do!"
—Mabel to Dipper

"This street has really dangerous litter."

Little Dipper

"It's a pawn, that's not your color, and stop stealing the tiny horses!"
—Dipper to Mabel

"Yo, Mabel? Can you pass me that brain in the jar? The lady one?"
—Soos to Mabel

"C'mon, guys, nobody even uses millimeters. It only makes you taller than me in Canada."

"I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of ridicule!"





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Shorts: Quotes

Candy Monster

Stan's Tattoo




The Hide-Behind

Mabel's Guide to Life

Season Two: Quotes

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