aka Ashlye

  • I live in In the depths of Memeston, U.S.A.
  • I was born on May 31
  • My occupation is Unpopular artist/smol piece of music trash
  • I am Female
Hello there! My name is Ashlye, but you can call me Ash, Ashy, Ashie, or any nickname you'd want to call me! (as long as it is not offensive). I have an ASD, called Asperger's syndrome and I have an interest in arts, cartoons (Fanboy and Chum Chum, SpongeBob, Ed, Edd n Eddy, etc.), anime (Hetalia, Blue Exorcist, etc.), music, and books! I also have a love for drawing and reading.





Candy Chiu (her voice actress does the voice of BMO and Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time).

Gideon Gleeful

Pacifica Northwest (newest favorite; former least favorite)


~ I am pansexual (no it doesn't mean bisexual, it means you like all genders *including non-binary, agender, transgender, etc.*)

~ I am a multilingual.

~ I tend to get upset easily.

~ I am a Gemini in the American horoscope, while my Chinese zodiac is a horse.

~ I am an American with American Indian, Alaskan Indian, and European ancestry. I might have Slavic and Asian roots as well, but I don't really know right now.

~ My all time favorite male Gravity Falls character is Gideon Gleeful!

~ Pacifica Northwest is my current female favorite character.

~ I like other things besides cartoons.

~ I am a teenager (fourteen years old).

~ I am musically diverse (meaning that I listen to multiple genres).

~ As you can see, my current icon is of Daniel Winter-Bates from English metalcore band Bury Tomorrow. (I found the image on Google and used the Windows 10 photo editor to add a black and white filter on it because black and white photos are beautiful and my aesthetic).


S1e19 bill snap
This user likes Bill Cipher because of reasons.
Mabel promo art
This user likes Mabel because because she's a lot like herself!.
Dipper promo art
This user is a fan of Dipper because he's awesome!!.
S1e16 candy kisses
This user is a fan of Candy because because she's sweet as candy!!.
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