aka Jrsushilover

  • I live in someplace far far away
  • I was born on January 22
  • My occupation is oh make videos, draw, pretty much nothing.
  • I am a nerd
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Favorite TV Shows:

Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Supernatural, Phineas and Ferb, The Amazing World of Gumball,


Music, drawing, acting, making cartoon music videos, MILK TEA!!!!!!


bullying, spiders, PEOPLE WHO HATE MILK TEA!!!!

Favorite Movies:

Super 8, Cloverfeild, Wreck-it-Ralph, Jaws, Tangled

Favorite Games:



dark, small sapces, needles

I am a:

fun person, chatterbox, cartoon freak, weird person, 

"If things doesn't go right, go left"

Hi! My name is Julie Reed and I live in Tokyo Japan. Me and my friends call our selves Gravity Fallowers because we love Gravity Falls soooooo much! I'm 13 years old, same age as Mabel and Dipper! I love Waddles and Mabel, but I hate Robbie because he is such a jerk. Gravity Falls is broadcast in Japan, but it only shown 6 episodes yet so I watch all the new episodes on my computer, 

Find me on youtube!!!!

Am I like the only one who know bombshell blonde by Owl city?

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