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{{Notification|image = Short13 rendering mac.png|quote = I'm gonna fix it up|message = This is my user page. Please do not make any certain edits without my permission (Jay-R Lucero). If my mistakes are very sensitive, just leave a message on my message wall and I'll make it right. Thank you!}}
{{Notification|image = S1e19 Bill Wheel.gif|quote = I'll be watching you|message = Don't even try to do anything wrong to my profile, I'll be watching...}}
{{User infobox
|name = {{PAGENAME}}
|image =S2e16 head falling.png
|inspiration =
|fullname =Jay-R Lucero
|join =June 18, 2015
|alias =Jay-R<br>Jay<br>Nerdy kitten<br>Bro/Bro bro (Madialiano)
|personality =
|appearance =Everyday
|birthday =August 16
|occupation =
|alliance =
|goal =Having many friends as possible and Finishing '''My Achievements'''
|home =
|family =
|pets =
|friends =[[User:Slenderman'sProxySapphire|<span style="color:purple;">Slenderman'sProxySapphire</span>]] , [[User:Valkryie247|Valkryie247]], [[User:Madialiano|Madialiano]], [[User:Stevidot|Stevidot]], [[User:KatyPines|KatyPines]], [[User:Queen Desi|Queen Desi]], [[User:Terrios528|Terrios528]], [[User:Juan The American Brony|<span style="color:blue;">Juan The American Brony</span>]], [[User:Sandgar|Sandgar]], [[User:Paleopikachu1212|Paleopikachu1212]], and [[User:Dalekcraft314|Dalekcraft314]]
|minions =
|enemies =Disrespectful users
|likes =Having new friends, Being friendly to my friends/best friends/bros., Drawing (cartoon/anime), Playing online games, Playing sports such as Badminton (my no. 1 and fav. sport), Football, Basketball, Chess & Checkers, and Being a nerd! XD
|dislikes =Losing a friend (hard to move on, at the end... :\), Lying to someone or something, and Disrespecting me and to my friends
|powers =Skills on making beautiful drawings, Good reflexes (in sports), and Typing faster in iPad or keyboard
|weapons =Drawing Materials and Gadgets and Hi-Tech. stuffs
|quote ="Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Albert Einstein
|imageBG = }}
== Introducing myself ==
Heyyo {{IU}}! And I like you to welcome to my profile. :-D
Let me introduce myself, my name is Jay-R Lucero but you can called me '''Jay '''in short. I've been here since June 18, 2015 ([[618]]), and I've been doing things accurately in this wikia. [[Gravity Falls (TV series)|'''''Gravity Falls''''']] is one of my favorite and the best of the best show I ever watched since 2012. More likely my other favorite shows are like '''''SU, AT, RS, TAWoG, SvTFoE, and more''''' that there are also the best shows, but Gravity Falls will be on the top of my list. XD
Whether I commit right or wrong, but I do love helping someone in needs. More facts about me is in below, just scroll it down. There you'll find great things that I'm capable of the show, which is Gravity Falls. Thanks for visiting my profile. :-))
== Other things you want to know about me ==
* '''Jay-R''' is my nickname, but others call me Jay.
* My first ever friend here is '''Topdarlingwh'''.
* I'm friendly to anyone.
* I'm good at drawings (cartoon or anime). Most likely cartoons.
* I like to talk anyone if it is necessary.
* My most fav. bros are '''Juan The American Brony''' and '''Sandgar.'''
* I'm very sweet, lovable, and cheerful to my sis. ('''Madialiano''') <3. I'm her nerdy bro bro. ^_^
* I had found my [ love].
* I like being a '''nerd'''! XD
== My friends ==
'''<sub>Bold - My best friend</sub>'''
''<sub>Italic - My bro!/brother </sub>''
Text <sub>- Ordinary friend </sub>
[ '''Slenderman'sProxySapphire (Sapp./Samantha)''']
[ '''Valkryie247 (Valk/Valky)''']
[ '''Madialiano (Madi)''']
[ '''Stevidot (Kolbie/Peridot)''']
[ '''KatyPines (Katy)''']
[ '''Peacexfreedom (Peace)''']
[ '''Queen Desi (Desi)''']
[ '''GoldieBear (Goldie)''']
[ '''Terrios528 (Terry)''']
[ '''Topdarlingwh''']
[ ''Juan The American Brony (Juan)'']
[ ''Sandgar (Gage)'']
[ ''Paleopikachu1212 (Paleo)'']
[ ''Elvis Adika (Elvis)'']
[ ''MoosaDiamond (Moosa)'']
[[:User:Dalekcraft314|''Dalekcraft314 (Dalek)'']]
[ JellyPoo]
[ LadyGravity129 (LG)]
[émonGamer ThePokémonGamer]
[ Lcclamerica]
And especially... [[Special:MyPage|YOU]]!
{{Quote|Friends may find and lost to everyone, but known that the true friendship will never ever die, at the end.|Jay-R Lucero}}
== My Favorites in Gravity Falls ==
*1. [[Mabel Pines]] [[File:S2e13 mabel stoked.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Yes! I'm no.1.]]
*2. [[Dipper Pines]]
*3. [[Bill Cipher]] [[File:S2e4 faustian bargain offer.png|thumb|220x220px|Well, well, well! At least there's a guys who someone gives me a favor.]]
*4. [[Stan Pines]]
*5. [[Ford Pines]]
*6. [[Soos Ramirez]]
*7. [[Wendy Corduroy]]
*8. [[Waddles]]
*9. [[Candy Chiu]]
*10. [[Gideon Gleeful]]
*11. [[Pacifica Northwest]]
*12. [[Grenda]]
*13. [[Old Man McGucket]]
*14. [[Robbie Valentino]]
*15. [[Blendin Blandin]]
=== Supernatural objects ===
*1. [[Journal (disambiguation)]] [[File:S1e20 Secrets....PNG|thumb|220x220px|The journals! I love reading it....]]
*2. [[Mystic Amulet]]
*3. [[Tape measure time machine]]
*4. [[Time wish]]
*5. [[Mind control ties]]
*6. [[Memory erasing gun]]
*7. [[Camouflage suit]]
*8. [[Infinity sided die]]
*9. [[Mailbox (object)]]
*10. [[Height-altering crystals]]
=== Foods/Drinks ===
*1. [[Pitt Cola]]
*2. [[Infinite pizza slice]]
*3. [[Smile Dip]]
*4. [[Mabel juice]]
*5. [[Chipackerz]]
=== Other Objects ===
*1. [[Mabel's grappling hook]]
*2. [[Shacktron]]
*3. [[Beeblyboop]]
*4. [[Nyarf]]
*5. [[NORT]]
*6. [[Vending machine]]
*7. [[Stanmobile]]
*8. [[Mystery Cart]]
*9. [[Smoke bomb]]
*10. [[Rocket cart]]
{{Quote|Nobody likes getting older. But just because growing up
doesn't mean you have to grow up.|[[Stan Pines]], [[Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future]]}}
{{Quote|So this is how the world ends. Not with a bang but
with a... boop-boop.|[[Ford Pines]], [[Weirdmageddon Part 1]]}}
{{Quote|Look, real life stinks sometimes, okay, I'm not gonna lie. But there's a better way to get through it than denial, and that's with help from people who care about you.|[[Dipper Pines]], [[Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality]]}}
{{Quote|A darkness approaches. A day will come in the future where everything you care about will change... Until then I'll be watching you! I'll be watching you...|[[Bill Cipher]], [[Dreamscaperers]]}}
{{Quote|Remember: reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!|[[Bill Cipher]], [[Dreamscaperers]]}}
{{Quote|Being a hero means fighting back even when it seems impossible.|[[Ford Pines]], [[Weirdmageddon Part 1]]}}
{{Quote|Confidence can buy you a lot, but at the end of the day, pickup artists tend to get our heads bitten off.|[[Stan Pines]], [[Roadside Attraction]]}}
{{Quote|(To Gideon:) Gideon, listen to me, if I've learned anything this summer it's that you can't force someone to love you. (Looking at Wendy) The best you can do is strive to be someone worthy of loving.|[[Dipper Pines]], [[Weirdmageddon Part 1]]}}
{{Quote|Romance is like gum. Once it's lost its flavor, you just cram another one in. (Chews wad of gum)|[[Mabel Pines]], [[The Love God]]}}
{{Quote|Well then, maybe... maybe rivalries are dumb. Maybe you don't settle them with petty competitions. Maybe the only way to be "da best" is by ending the fighting and working together!|[[Mabel Pines]], [[The Golf War]]}}
''Still continuing...''
== My Top 10's of Gravity Falls ==
Best Episodes=
=== Season 1 ===
*1. [[Gideon Rises]]
*2. [[Dreamscaperers]]
*3. [[Tourist Trapped]]
*4. [[The Hand That Rocks the Mabel]]
*5. [[Carpet Diem]]
*6. [[Little Dipper]]
*7. [[Irrational Treasure]]
*8. [[Double Dipper]]
*9. [[Land Before Swine]]
*10. [[Summerween]]
=== Shorts ===
*1. [[Stan's Tattoo]]
*2. [[Fixin' It with Soos: Cuckoo Clock]]
*3. [[Mabel's Guide to Art]]
*4. [[Mabel's Guide to Stickers]]
*5. [[Mabel's Guide to Color]]
*6. [[Mabel's Guide to Fashion]]
*7. [[Mabel's Guide to Dating]]
*8. [[Tooth]]
*9. [[The Hide-Behind]]
*10. [[TV Shorts 1]]
=== Season 2 ===
*1. [[Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls]]
*2. [[Not What He Seems]]
*3. [[A Tale of Two Stans]]
*4. [[Weirdmageddon Part 1]]
*5. [[Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future]]
*6. [[The Last Mabelcorn]]
*7. [[Society of the Blind Eye]]
*8. [[Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality]]
*9. [[Scary-oke]]
*10. [[Into the Bunker]]
=== Overall Episodes ===
*1. [[Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls]]
*2. [[Not What He Seems]]
*3. [[A Tale of Two Stans]]
*4. [[Weirdmageddon Part 1]]
*5. [[The Last Mabelcorn]]
*6. [[Gideon Rises]]
*7. [[Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality]]
*8. [[Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future]]
*9. [[Society of the Blind Eye]]
*10. [[Dreamscaperers]]
Best Characters=
=== Main Character (Top 5) ===
*1. [[Mabel Pines]]
*2. [[Bill Cipher]]
*3. [[Ford Pines]]
*4. [[Stan Pines]]
*5. [[Dipper Pines]]
=== Supporting Character (Top 5) ===
*1. [[Waddles]]
*2. [[Gideon Gleeful]]
*3. [[Candy Chiu]]
*4. [[Grenda]]
*5. [[Pacifica Northwest]]
=== Overall Characters ===
*1. [[Mabel Pines]]
*2. [[Bill Cipher]]
*3. [[Stan Pines]]
*4. [[Soos Ramirez]]
*5. [[Dipper Pines]]
*6. [[Ford Pines]]
*7. [[Waddles]]
*8. [[Wendy Corduroy]]
*9. [[Candy Chiu]]
*10. [[Gideon Gleeful]]
Most Memorable Quotes=
== Top 50 Episodes of Gravity Falls (Season 1 and 2 & Shorts) ==
# [[Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls]]
# [[Not What He Seems]]
# [[A Tale of Two Stans]]
# [[Weirdmageddon Part 1]]
# [[The Last Mabelcorn]]
# [[Gideon Rises]]
# [[Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality]]
# [[Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future]]
# [[Society of the Blind Eye]]
# [[Tourist Trapped]]
# [[Scary-oke]]
# [[Into the Bunker]]
# [[Dreamscaperers]]
# [[Stan's Tattoo]]
# [[The Hand That Rocks the Mabel]]
# [[The Time Traveler's Pig]]
# [[Blendin's Game]]
# [[Irrational Treasure]]
# [[Land Before Swine]]
# [[Headhunters]]
# [[Fight Fighters]]
# [[Mabel's Guide to Art]]
# [[Mabel's Guide to Stickers]]
# [[Mabel's Guide to Color]]
# [[Mabel's Guide to Fashion]]
# [[Mabel's Guide to Dating]]
# [[Bottomless Pit!]]
# [[Northwest Mansion Mystery]]
# [[Fixin' It with Soos: Cuckoo Clock]]
# [[Fixin' It with Soos: Golf Cart]]
''Still continuing...''
== Achievements (June 18-present) ==
=== Contribute to wiki everyday for... ===
* 5 days. [✓]
* 14 days. [✓]
* 30 days. [✓]
* 60 days. [✓]
* 100 days. [✓]
* 200 days. [✓]
* 365 days (optional). [ ]
=== The lucky edits ===
* 1 lucky edit. [✓] (266 000)
* 5 lucky edits. [ ] (266 000, 272 000, 301 000, ... )
* 10 lucky edits. [ ]
=== Editing articles ===
* 500 edits. [✓]
* 1000 edits. [✓]
* 2500 edits (final) [ ]
=== Being on the Leaderboard ===
* Rank no. 19 [✓]
* Rank no. 15 [✓]
* Rank no. 10 (optional) [ ] <nowiki/>
== My Userbox ==
{{Mabel Favorite}}
{{Ford Favorite}}
{{Grunkle Stan Favorite}}
{{Dipper Favorite}}
{{User Mabel|loves|for her magnetic personality, charisma, and her beautifully original [[List of Mabel's sweaters|sweaters]]}}
{{User Lil Gideon|likes|because for being in love with [[Mabel Pines|Mabel]]}}
{{User Bill Cipher|likes|because for pure evilness and irresistible mind games}}
{{User Not What He Seems|likes|the [[Ford Pines|Author]] has been revealed}}
{{User A Tale of Two Stans|likes|because the secret lies within the two original mystery twins}}
{{User Weirdmageddon Part 1|likes|because it's the most devilish apocalypse that no mankind has been ever conquered}}
{{Ship Mabill}}
{{Ship Dipifica}}
{{Ship CandyDip}}
{{Ship Magidbelion}}

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