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Greetings, anyone who may be reading this! I'm Icehard712 (Ice for short), and, as you can probably tell, this is my user page! Great joke, huh? Huh? Yeah, I'm kinda awkward. Anyways, with the afore-mentioned information in mind, I suppose I'll tell you a bit about myself.

Userbox fun

S1e6 chutzpar and dipper running
This user is a male Gravity Falls fan.
Dipper promo art
This user relates to Dipper in his daily pursuit of answers despite being a socially awkward youth.
Mabel promo art
This user agrees with Mabel because in all her non-sequitur expressions.
Grunkle Stan promo
This user recognizes the usefulness of Stan 's old man powers.
Soos promo art
This user listens to Soos in all his years of wisdom.
Wendy promo art
This user thinks it's cool that Wendy has a piece of fabric for a last name.
S1e8 trembley in crate
This user wants Quentin Trembley to be reelected.
S1e19 bill knows lots of things12
This user loves every moment of Dreamscaperers {{{2}}}.
S2e2 peering in hatch
This user Into the Bunker {{{2}}}.


Least favorites

  • Character: Gideon Gleeful.
  • Episode: "Summerween."
  • Creature: Lilliputtians. Those things are CREEPY. Not as creepy as Bear-O, but still pretty bad.
  • Location: The Tent of Telepathy. The only fake attraction I wanna visit is the Mystery Shack.
  • Mabel's sweater: How could anyone not like them? They're awesome!
  • Mystery Shack exhibit: Brain in a jar. There are some things even I find weird.
  • Nyums product: Gummy Koalas, maybe? I can't eat them with my braces.
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