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Ships & Users

S1e13 Succeeding in management 1983
This user of being Boss Mabel she will be successful and vanquish Stan Pines for profits..
S1e15 mabel mermando kiss
This user ships MabelxMermando
User #1

Boss Mabel is temporarily manage in the Mystery Shack while Stan is gone at vacation to play a game show Cash Wheel as being challenge the profits.

User Ship #1

MabelxMermando is more preferred the summer romance and is more interested than others.

S1e15 best summer
This user ships Wendip
Dipper promo art
This user wants to prefer the second friend of Mabel, Dipper that could be ever exist..
S1e16 candy kisses
This user as Mabel's friend, Candy because she's the one who saw after Mabel dances in Double Dipper..
S1e7 mabel's turn
This user ships Mabifica
User Ship #2

Wendip is more interested than Wendy's old boyfriend Robbie because Dipper is kind to Wendy but he is a little nervous to convince with.

User #2

Dipper is very usual a Mabel's twin brother that he could do solve things as a Mystery twins and fist bumping to impress with.

User #3

Candy is a Mabel's second best friend that she is very quite flirting together and she is separated with Grenda.

User #4

Mabifica is more competivite mentions but they overwhelm to do so and sometimes friends.


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