Beautiful Wendy


BEWARB! Still,That's Not Cool.

He does look cute but don't let him fool you!

She's....Looking Up.

Hi. I am 18 year old Finn Simpson.

Sorry,I will not be coming here if someone does this again.

MY infobox was removed,And I know who did it. Don't talk to me.


Don't touch this again,Thank you.--Finn.

I watch Gravity Falls Everyday and I wrote my own book about the show.

I used to be founder on Nyanpire Wiki But Some Jerk Closed It,I WILL KEEL THEM!

I love Gravity Falls,Nyanpire,Spliced,Pokemon Etc.

Don't get me started on Heckwhatisranbow.(User Who Had My Wiki Closed In The First Place)

Mabel promo art.png
This user likes Mabel because because she's funny.
Dipper promo art.png
This user would like to go on adventures with Dipper because adventures are cool.
Wendy promo art.jpg
This user would love to date Wendy if she were 18 like them.
Grunkle Stan promo.png
This user believes Stan has something weird in him.
S1e4 gideon sitting in chair.png
This user Wonders Why Li'l Gideon Hates the Pines.
S1e5 tambry looking up.png
This user Can't believe that Tambry gets trapped in the TV .
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