aka Feey1

  • I live in America!
  • My occupation is CEO of Mech Mice Wiki Network, Creative Director of Bird and Rat Productions
  • I am Male

User Boxes

S1e6 chutzpar and dipper running
This user is a male Gravity Falls fan.
Dipper promo art
This user 's favorite character is Dipper , because of his personality.
S1e2 family photo 1
This user 's favorite show is The Legend of the Gobblewonker because of the comedy.
S1e1 gnome throwing up animated
This user likes puking gnome 'cause it's stupidly funny.
S1e3 manly dan punching pole
This user laughs at Manly Dan 'cause he's strong, stupid, and weird.
S1e4 gideon sitting in chair
This user hates Li'l Gideon 'cause he tried to kill Dipper, duh.
Grunkle Stan promo
This user likes Stan because of his funny, and cheap personality.

My Goal For This Wiki

I hope to play a special role in the community of this wiki. I hope to make it more than just a website fans can get info from, but rather a place they can chat, hang out, and enjoy themselves.


Hi! I'm Feey1, a Christian teenager who loves the internet. I'm a big fan of Gravity Falls, I like to call it the next Phineas and Ferb. I'm an author, and wiki-er. I founded the wiki Mech Mice Fanon Wiki.


Random Facts

  • Favorite Song = Last Of The Wilds
  • Favorite Country = U.S.A
  • Favorite Food = Pizza
  • Favorite Continent = Europe
  • Favorite Show = Gravity Falls
  • Favorite TV Channel = DisneyXD
  • Favorite Game = Canary
  • Favorite Video Game = Skylanders franchise
  • Favorite Gravity Falls Character = Dipper Pines
  • Favorite Drink = Root Beer
  • Favorite Music Genre = Orchestral Rock
  • Favorite Instrument = Piano

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