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Gravity Falls: Friends Unite

  • The Married Shadows: Alexis finds the love of his dreams but has no idea how to approach her; Mabel and Brad hunt out for a beast as tall as a tree, but how will the beast come back at them?
  • Shadow World: Dipper, Mabel, and Brad visit the Shadow Earth to see an amusement park, but all the rides and games are being cursed.
  • The Decision Date: Dipper finds love on Candy and asks Mabel on help on approaching her; Brad goes out with Gabby but thinks that their relationship is ending up with issues.
  • Friday, I'm 13: Stan distracts the twins so he, Brad, Alexis, and Soos can make their birthday party, but Dipper and Mabel are having bad luck because their birthday is on Friday the 13th!

Gravity Falls: The Mystical Town From the Beginning

  • One-Way Ticket: Max is trapped in his new hometown and realizes of all the monsters in there. He meets a new friend, Alex, and the friends decide to go find out what the heck is wrong with their new town.
  • Silliest President: Quentin Trembley comes in as their new president and Max and Alex are tired of his silly new laws that are ruining their lives.
  • The Haunted and The Legends: The people at Max's new school don't believe him when he tells them about the monsters; Alex finds a journal in the woods that tells her and Max about all the mysteries in their hometown.
  • Sixty Three: In the middle of the night of the full moon, the moon shines on a pile of mystic objects...and only one thing reacts to it. When everyone in Gravity Falls wakes up in the morning, the boys are girls and the girls are boys! Can Max and Alex reverse this?

Gravity Falls

  • Every Which Way But Soos: Soos’ ex-girlfriend comes back to town, and the twins see a side of him they never expected… lovesick puppy. It only gets worse when, when he sees her new boyfriend mistreating her, and Soos challenges him to a duel. But he’s a real monster, and if Soos can’t beat him, Mabel’s pig Waddles is the prize.
  • Honey Dipper: Dipper makes a startling discovery while using an outhouse in the woods… everything that drops in it turns to gold. Using this newfound source of wealth, Dipper instantly becomes the richest man in town, earning him his Grunkel Stan’s respect, the unwelcome attention of Pacifica, and an invitation to one of Gravity Falls’ most secret of secret societies (which has a serious cash flow problem). But when the magic fades away and the gold starts turning back, he’ll be in deep… trouble!

Hall of Cryptograms

  • 15-14-3-5 21-16-15-14 1 20-9-13-5 12-9-22-5-4 1 16-18-9-14-3-5-19-19 14-1-13-5-4 20-15-9-12-5-20 3-12-5-1-14-5-18. 19-8-5 23-5-14-20 20-15 20-8-5 2-1-12-12 23-9-20-8 16-18-9-14-3-5 3-8-1-18-13-9-14-7, 2-12-1 2-12-1 2-12-1, 12-5-6-20 1 7-12-1-19-19 19-8-15-5 20-8-5-18-5, 3-8-1-18-13-9-14-7 23-5-14-20 4-15-15-18 20-15 4-15-15-18 20-15 19-5-5 23-8-15 9-20 6-9-20-19 15-14, 1-14-4 6-9-14-4-19 3-9-14-4-5-18-5-12-12-1, 1-14-4 20-8-5-25 12-9-22-5 8-1-16-16-9-12-25 5-22-5-18 1-6-20-5-18. 9-14-19-5-18-20 13-5 20-8-18-15-23-9-14-7 21-16 9-14 20-15-9-12-5-20 8-5-18-5.
  • 13-25 14-1-13-5 9-19 4-15-15-6, 1-14-4 25-15-21'12-12 4-15 23-8-1-20 9 19-1-25. 23-15-15-20 23-15-15-20
  • 26 12-5-20-20-5-18-19

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