aka Sheena

  • I live in San Fransokyo
  • I was born on August 19
  • I am Female

Hey there! So, my name is Sheena & as you can tell from my username, i LOVE shows on both Disney Channel, Disney XD & Nickelodeon. So, i'n new to Wikia so PLEASE be nice to me. I also have a form of Autism called Asperger's, meaning that i have a hard time talking to people, so, sorry if i'm not as active as the rest of you on this Wiki.

S1e1 mabel daisy necklace
This user is a female Gravity Falls fan.
S1e5 this guy
My favorite character is
Dipper Pines!
S1e4 mabel bedazzled face
My favorite character is
Mabel Pines!
S1e13 $300,000
My favorite character is
Grunkle Stan!
S1e1 dipper and mabel in mystery shack
This user {{{1}}} Tourist Trapped {{{2}}}.
S1e2 dipper pines taking picture
My favorite episode is The Legend of the Gobblewonker!
S1e7 number 2 tyrone
This user {{{1}}} Double Dipper {{{2}}}.
S1e8 dipper mabel 3
This user {{{1}}} Irrational Treasure {{{2}}}.
S1e13 Succeeding in management 1983
This user {{{1}}} Boss Mabel {{{2}}}.
S1e14 indiana jones ref
This user {{{1}}} Bottomless Pit! {{{2}}}.
S1e16 carpet
This user {{{1}}} Carpet Diem {{{2}}}.
S1e17 Sev'ral Timez3
This user {{{1}}} Boyz Crazy {{{2}}}.
S1e19 bill knows lots of things12
This user {{{1}}} Dreamscaperers {{{2}}}.
S1e20 Ultimate Gideon
This user {{{1}}} Gideon Rises {{{2}}}.
S2e1 zombie disco
This user {{{1}}} Scary-oke {{{2}}}.
S2e2 peering in hatch
This user {{{1}}} Into the Bunker {{{2}}}.
S2e4 sure thing sis
This user {{{1}}} Sock Opera {{{2}}}.
S2e5 next choice
This user {{{1}}} Soos and the Real Girl {{{2}}}.
S2e7 who is the author
This user {{{1}}} Society of the Blind Eye {{{2}}}.
S2e9 pow
This user {{{1}}} The Love God {{{2}}}.
S2e10 dipper what is that
This user {{{1}}} Northwest Mansion Mystery {{{2}}}.
S2e11 stan mugshot
This user {{{1}}} Not What He Seems {{{2}}}.
S2e10 unexpected hug
This user ships Dipifica
S2e10 unexpected hug
This user ships Dipifica
S2e9 couple hug walk
This user ships RobbiexTambry
S2e5 compatible
This user ships SoosxMelody
S1e15 best summer
This user ships Wendip
S2e11 Glass Shard Beach
This user supported the Stanley Twin Theory.
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