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  • I live in Vietnam
  • My occupation is The Creator of The Gee. An intermidiate Wikia admin.
  • I am Male
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Hi <insert name here> , welcome to my user profile, I'm watching all of the people, the activity of this Wiki, even you.  My stats

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The Gee

My own Gravity Falls fanfic series will take you into a magical adventure. Read more about here:

Crazy section (for you to be crazy, for everyone and only on my user profile)

"Vietna loves The Gee. "


"Gravity Falls is the best"

"The Gee is the best fanfic series of Gravity Falls"


5-19-23-5-9-10 2 1-15-12-12 22-19 19-8-15-21, 17-6-23-2-15-4-25 18-23-12-12-5 18-9-6-19-2-19-6.

Best friend on GFWiki

  • Super Revenger 98:best friend on the wiki, we never fight since we're friends. He helps me a lot. He also loves my "fanfic series": THE GEE.
  • Tuckyd:Such a friendly admin.
  • EvergreenFir:all advices is from him(maybe her).
  • Topdarlingwh:always find some mysteries on the wiki.

Things I'm waiting for

  • Winx 6(more new episodes)
  • Gravity Falls Shorts and Season 2
  • My Little Pony Season 4

MSOTY Christmas Version

70px-Flora_Bloomix.jpg I am Dipperfans and I will fly to the sky! 70px-Musa_Bloomix.jpg 13:17, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

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Video I add

[[File:Gravity Falls Shorts - Candy Monster - Clip]]

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This user is Dipper but he use the name "Dipperfans".
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This user think Li'l Gideon is a gay because he hates him..

Thanks for visiting my profile, have a nice day!

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