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Mabel promo art
This user loves Mabel because because she is hilarious!.
Dipper promo art
This user 's favourite character is Dipper because he's smart and witty like me.
Grunkle Stan promo
This user likes Stan because he has many secrets.
Soos promo art
This user likes Soos because he is funny.
Wendy promo art
This user likes Wendy because she's laid back.
S1e4 gideon sitting in chair
This user loves Li'l Gideon because he's hilarious and makes my sides split!.
S1e9 Robbie
This user HATES Robbie because he is a stupid freak.
S1e11 You'll get your revenge some day
This user dislikes Bud Gleeful because he doesn't like Stan.
S1e3 sheriff blubs and deputy durland
This user dislikes Sheriff Blubs because he's mean to Dipper.
S1e3 sheriff blubs and deputy durland
This user likes Deputy Durland because he's stupidly funny!.
S1e2 old man inside gobblewonker
This user is weirded out by Old Man McGucket because he's freaky....
S1e8 trembley in crate
This user thinks that Quentin Trembley is the best minor character in the show!.
S1e5 tambry looking up
This user thinks Tambry is weird.
S1e3 manly dan punching pole
This user likes Manly Dan because he's strange.
S1e7 number 2 tyrone
This user loves Double Dipper because of Paper Jam Dipper.
S1e1 gnome throwing up animated
This user likes puking gnome because he barfs rainbows.
S1e6 chutzpar and dipper running
This user is a male Gravity Falls fan.
S1e19 bill knows lots of things12
This user loves Dreamscaperers because of Bill Cipher!.
S1e20 Ultimate Gideon
This user was sad when Gideon Rises ended because it was the end of the series :(.

Favourite GF Quotes!

"It's funny how dumb you are!"
—Bill Cipher

"That only makes you taller than me in Canada."
—Dipper Pines

"Yeah, and uh, he's short!"
—Stan Pines

—Mabel Pines

"I wet myself!"

"I'm trying to take the DIE, out of trick or treat or die"
—Dipper Pines

"Old Man McGucket, Spittin' in a bucket!"
—Old Man McGucket[source]

Bear-o appearance

Bear-O the great!

S1e4 mabel gideon date

Aw, sweet.

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