• I live in Gravity Falls
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Watching anime
  • I am an Artist

About me

Dipper is awesome and the best person on the show but I DON'T love him, Maybe I do like him a little. So I have been obsessed, no dedicated to Gravity Falls since the episode "The Time Traveler's Pig" but my first episode is "Double Dipper" because my friends told me to watch it. But this is the best show TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT!! Also I adore this wiki, it taught me so many things about Gravity Falls, Well stuff I didn't know, for example i didn't know how to decode the messages until I took a look at this wiki. But I will contribute a lot and have fun, I made so many friends on chat and I love to role-play. I know I've said this already but, Dipper is such an amazing character. But I don't know what else to put on here XD. Dipper is getting awesomer (I know awesomer is not a real word XD) every episode. I really think this wiki is totally awesome, and all the people I met on chat are fun and epic! I hope this show stays on the air forever I absolutely love it! But the people here are, fun and awesome! I love to draw, and one day I hope to have a TV show of my own. I also think that "The Deep End" is the best episode so far! But I have no idea why you would be reading this so... yeah...Now leave me in peace :P


FOLLOW MEEE ON INSTAGRAM! (@gravity_falls_forever) :3 And follow @gravitywiki



Rankity Falls

Songs I liek

Disco girl, coming through. That girl is you! Ooh Ooh!

Well, who wants a lamby lamby lamby? I do! I do! So go up and greet your mammy mammy mammy. Hi there. Hi there. So march march march around the daises! Don't don't don't you forget about the baby!!

I'm Stan and I was wrong, i'm singing the Stan wrong song, I shouldn't have taken that chance, now here is my remorseful dance.


File:Siir dipping sauce.png
File:Intro dipper with runes.PNG
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