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About me

Hello there I'm Dipper4561. I am actually a huge nerd. I If you guys want to talk, usually you can find me here on chat, or can Direct Message me through instagram, My account on Instagram is @Dipper4561 as well as my DeviantArt.


I do own the wiki's official instagram which is @Gravitywiki be sure to follow that one for updates, contests, raffles, giveaways, and many more things.


My favorite episode of Gravity Falls is "Sock Opera"

Least Favorite would have to be "Headhunters"

My two biggest fandoms i'm in are Gravity Falls and Hetalia.

Bill Cipher haunts my dreams.

Other things you should know about me:

I cosplay a lot

Don't ask about my ships I have too many.

I talked to Ariel Hirsch through this wiki's chat on 5/23/13

Alex Hirsch and Jason Ritter both liked my post on vine!

Jason Ritter: 9/22/13

Alex Hirsch: 9/27/13

^ Wow that nerd keeps track of what celebrities noticed them.


S2e4 sure thing sis.png
This user Freakin loves Sock Opera Because it has a great plot.
S1e15 mabel mermando kiss.png
This user liked The Deep End Because Dipper kissed Mermando.
S1e7 number 2 tyrone.png
This user loved Double Dipper because of the clones.
Dipper promo art.png
This user thinks Dipper He needs actual friends and is a nerd.
Mabel promo art.png
This user Loves Mabel because Because their headcanon is that Mabel memes.


Grunkle Stan promo.png
This user knew Stan he was hiding something.
Soos promo art.jpg
This user Likes Soos because he is a genius.
Wendy promo art.jpg
This user thinks Wendy Wendy is cute.
S1e4 gideon sitting in chair.png
This user likes Li'l Gideon because he's so devilish.
S1e9 Robbie.png
This user Likes Robbie because he is a memer.
S1e4 mabel and gideons date.png
This user Adores The Hand That Rocks the Mabel Because Gideon is in it.

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