• I live in Gravity Falls
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Watching anime
  • I am an Artist

Why hello, <insert name here> Whatcha doin' in this part of town, eh?

About me

Hey guys, I'm Dipper's 4561's clone, I am a little weird because I am a girl version of him, yeah as Gideon would say "Deal with it" I am his 4561st clone but you guys can call me "Dip" or someting like that. DON'T YOU DARE SPILL WATER ON MEH! Tyrone is my leader, but Clone #7 is my best friend. Classic Dipper, look out! 


FOLLOW MEEE ON INSTAGRAM! (@oreo_twins_gf) :3 And follow @gravitywiki I own it!

I MET ARIEL HIRSCH :D :D :D :D FANGIRLING! 5/23/13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S1e1 mabel daisy necklace
This user is a female Gravity Falls fan.
S1e15 mabel mermando kiss
This user liked The Deep End Because Mermaids are amazing.
S1e7 number 2 tyrone
This user loved Double Dipper because of the clones.
S1e17 Sev&#039;ral Timez3
This user loved Boyz Crazy BECAUSE MORE CLONES :D.
Dipper promo art
This user Loves Dipper because he made clones.
Mabel promo art
This user Likes Mabel because she is very silly.
Grunkle Stan promo
This user Believes Stan is hiding something.
Soos promo art
This user Likes Soos because he is very funny.
Wendy promo art
This user thinks Wendy is a bit of a drama queen.
S1e4 gideon sitting in chair
This user likes Li'l Gideon because he is hilarious.
S1e9 Robbie
This user Likes Robbie because he is a cool dude.






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