• I live in Gravity Falls
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Watching anime
  • I am an Artist

Why hello, <insert name here> Whatcha doin' in this part of town, eh?

About me

Hey guys, I'm Dipper's 4561's clone, I am a little weird because I am a girl version of him, yeah as Gideon would say "Deal with it" I am his 4561st clone but you guys can call me "Dip" or someting like that. DON'T YOU DARE SPILL WATER ON MEH! Tyrone is my leader, but Clone #7 is my best friend. Classic Dipper, look out! 


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Rankity Falls

Songs I liek

Disco girl, coming through. That girl is you! Ooh Ooh!

Well, who wants a lamby lamby lamby? I do! I do! So go up and greet your mammy mammy mammy. Hi there. Hi there. So march march march around the daises! Don't don't don't you forget about the baby!!

I'm Stan and I was wrong, i'm singing the Stan wrong song, I shouldn't have taken that chance, now here is my remorseful dance.

C'mon baby won't you fly away with me, take my hand and it's destiny, we don't need nobody if we stay together, Girl just take my hand and we'll be forever, look into the sky girl we're gonna fly, look into my big blue eyes, girl you know it's destiny, take my hand take my hand and you're gonna see, stay away from reality, it'll be this way forever.


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